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Op-Ed: Moonalice has much to say with new CD ‘High 5’ (Includes interview)

The medical marijuana proposition-iniitative is a ‘hot-button’ topic with conservatives and liberals alike and no doubt will continue to stir controversy when the polls close and votes are being tallied. Band member Roger McNamee took time to chat with this reporter. He also talked about the release of Moonalice’s new CD called “High 5.” It was officially released this month.

“Even though we have released CD’s before, this is where we went back to the full-album LP style. In our previous CD’s we didn’t have much rhyme or reason, thought or input. It was just getting songs out there,” he said. “With ‘High 5’ it is much more. In this CD we have something deeper. In my mind, ‘High 5’ is a notion of breaking out of the usual routine in the hopes of making things better. The songs on this CD could have been written when we were young,” he added.

Moonalice officially released its  High 5  CD on Oct. 6  2016.

Moonalice officially released its “High 5” CD on Oct. 6, 2016.
CD cover art by Stanley Mouse

McNamee noted that, “In youth the goals are more about simple things. But in maturity life has more complexity. This new CD forms the core of our repertoire, in that we want to help make a positive impact.” Moonalice is about having fun and sharing music but as McNamee pointed out, “The songs on this CD are reflective of a full lifetime; a life that has matured and come to an understanding of things.”

He mentioned that in society right now, there is “lack of trust, people are really struggling just to survive (financially and for some emotionally). There is an uncertainty about the future. These are things that are effecting everyone.” As a musician, he said, “It is not everyday where we can write songs like this. And, as I see it, it is our opportunity to share these songs, their meaning and to see how our audience/fans receive them.”

More than just a psychedelic band and concert experience, Moonalice is Roger McNamee, Pete Sears, Barry Sless and John Molo — all seasoned musicians mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration. Everyone, both the band and audience are part of the experience. And the music inspires dancing and other acts of self expression.

McNamee said that while the band is reminiscent of classic rock shows of old, Moonalice is unique, one of a kind. Every show has an original art poster created by a well-known artist memorializing that event and given to all attendee, “each poster has its own Moonalice legend,” he said. And, Moonalice is among the first of its kind to utilize social media.
This is why he was eager to speak to me and to share with the press. Lorin Rowan, songwriter and film score producer of the country-rock group, The Rowans will be among the many guests at the concert.

The concert at Sweetwater Music Hall on Nov 3  2016 is to raise awareness of Prop 64 and to encourag...

The concert at Sweetwater Music Hall on Nov 3, 2016 is to raise awareness of Prop 64 and to encourage people to vote on the issue.
Courtesy of Moonalice

But McNamee emphasized that Steve DeAngelo with Harborside (the nation’s largest licensed medical marijuana dispensary, which serves 108,000 patients in Oakland, CA) will be answering questions as the opening act.

McNamee believes people should vote and have the right to choose on the issue of marijuana. This is why he believes raising awareness about Prop 64 through a concert event is important. The Moonalice concert at Sweetwater in Mill Valley will be on Thursday, November 3. Show starts at 8PM, doors open at 7PM. For tickets and more information visit the Moonalice web site. Or visit the tickets fly page of the Sweetwater Music Hall web site.

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