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Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys talks about his ‘Who I Am’ Tour, and new solo music

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys chatted about his “Who I Am” national tour, as well as his new solo music.

Nick Carter
Nick Carter. Photo Credit: Brian Doherty
Nick Carter. Photo Credit: Brian Doherty

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys chatted about his “Who I Am” national tour, as well as his new solo music.

‘Who I Am’ solo national tour

This marks his first solo tour since 2017. “It has been a lot of fun,” he admitted. “It has been a great experience getting back on the road, performing songs that I grew up listening to that I loved from the ’80s and ’90s, as well as the music that inspired me to be the artist that I am today… and that’s a very eclectic artist.”

“I just have a little more freedom to say what I want to say, share stories, and take my time with the fans, and they can really take an emotional, spiritual, and artistic journey with me,” he said about his solo tour.

“The fans are going to get a very raw experience,” he said. “I am vulnerable and I am able to share my life in a musical journey. The script of my life is written in the songs that I perform in the show from beginning, middle, to the finale in the end. In between all of that, the substory is just ‘Who I Am,’ me, and the person who I am.”

“I am a performer and an entertainer,” he admitted. “I am blessed and I am happy with all of those things, but the person I am at the core, is just a regular guy like everyone else out there, who is trying to take care of his family. I’m an entertainer and a performer and I love do that. The fans really get a chance to see that, hear that, and feel that during the show.”

Nick Carter
Nick Carter. Photo Credit: Brian Doherty

Patchogue Theatre show

On Tuesday, November 14, Carter will be performing at the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts on Long Island, New York. “I am really excited to get up there, I heard the venue is amazing,” he said. “I think it’s going to be fun. We will take the fans on a journey through the music that inspired me.”

“I will do some Backstreet Boys songs and some songs from my solo album from the past and the new music,” he added.

‘Made for Us’ single

He just released his new single “Made for Us” on October 31, which coincided with Halloween. It is an ’80s inspired dedication song for the fans.

The new lyric video features fan memories with Carter, which was submitted by some longtime fans.

“The music video came out and that was a fun dedication to the fans,” he said. “I appreciate the people that are fans of my music. I am very grateful to them and I never take them for granted.”

“It was more lighthearted, and I literally made a song for us, and our relationships,” he added.

“Made for Us” is available on Apple Music by clicking here.

Nick Carter
Nick Carter. Photo Credit: Brian Doherty

‘Superman’ single

Carter also noted that his song “Superman” was a lot of fun. He dedicated this song to his wife, Lauren, and his three kids.

“That was a very personal song to me. I’ve been going through a lot of hurt and pain in my life,” he said. “A song can be a way to get that out. I decided to be vulnerable in performing the song live in the show.”

“Even though I’m an entertainer and people might think that I am this ‘Superman,’ I’m really not; I’m just human just like everybody else, and I am going through the same emotions that everyone else has been going through out there: the pain, the hurt, the suffering and the life.”

“We are all living life together and we are trying to handle it the best way we know how. That’s why I think it resonated with people,” he acknowledged.

“I’ve always loved performing and entertaining people, that has always been my passion,” he said. “Seeing people get joy out of what I do has always been great.”

“Recently, I’ve been hitting my stride a little bit. I’ve had more intent and thought in everything that I write and I put out now,” he said.

“People have grown up with me over the past 30 years, and now I’ve been opening up even more and more as time goes on,” he added.

New holiday song ‘Happy Xmas (Cancer’s Over)’

His new holiday tune “Happy Xmas (Cancer’s Over),” with Kyle Khou was just featured on “Christmas 4 The Kids” album, and it will benefit the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation.

“Being a part of this community in Las Vegas has been a very special part of my life,” Carter said. “My two daughters have been born here. I believe this community has given me some of the best times of my life, especially for the past eight years since I’ve been here”

“I didn’t expect Vegas to be a place I would fall in love with,” he said. “As I started to venture out, I discovered there was a beautiful community outside of the Strip that everybody talks of. This community helps each other in challenging times. I started to discover the philanthropic side of me even more.”

“That’s when I discovered Cure 4 the Kids, and it was beautiful, because the way that it happened, it was organic. I have been a part of it every single year since the holidays have come around,” he said.

“It was an honor to record this song, because it’s John Lennon, and the message was even better for me because it signifies that when a child finally beats cancer, then the war is over, and that’s what the mission is for Cure 4 the Kids,” he explained.

“All of the proceeds from the streaming of the album and the song will go to the foundation, which helps kids that are battling cancer and rare diseases,” he added.

“Happy Xmas (Cancer’s Over)” by Nick Carter and Kyle Khou is available on Apple Music.

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees

Carter had great words about Jeff Timmons, the founding member of yet another pop group, 98 Degrees. “I talk to Jeff all the time, he is amazing, and he has a big family” Carter said. “It feels like everybody is coming to Las Vegas because they are realizing that it’s a great place.”

90s Con

Carter opened up about being a part of 90s Con in both Connecticut (last year) and Florida (this year). “Those were so much fun,” he recalled. “It is crazy how people are searching for that nostalgic feeling when it comes to music and TV.”

“The younger generation these days is a little bit lost and they are trying to find their place… so they would go back in time, where you would see ’90s fashion coming back,” he said.

“In Tampa, I even did a little acoustic performance and I loved it. The reason that I feel 90s Con is so successful is because people want to feel good right now, and they want to escape the insanity of the outside world,” he added.

Nick Carter
Nick Carter. Photo Courtesy of Nick Carter, official cover art

‘Hurts to Love You’

Carter also discussed “Hurts to Love You,” which he wrote and dedicated in memory of his late younger brother, Aaron Carter. He describes it as a “story of unconditional love and heartbreak.” “Every song that I write and put out now has to have thought, meaning, and intent behind it,” he said.

“It needs to have emotion, soul, and feeling behind it,” he said. “If it doesn’t hit me or if it’s not who I am, then I don’t put it out. It’s all about being vulnerable and not being afraid. We all breathe the same, hurt the same, and we all bleed the same way, especially when we get older because life is that way.”

“Being able to share that, even if it’s just a little, bit might help someone else out there, to be able to get through what they are going through as well,” he added.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Focusing on my family and my children.”

“Recognizing that I have been blessed with the life and career that I have had and focusing on the positives of those and the good things. Knowing what is most important for me and that is to break the cycle and give my children and my family a life that is different that my family had,” he elaborated.


Regarding his definition of the word success, Carter responded, “I don’t care about success as much as I care about life and being present, being with my family, and children. Focusing on the memories and the moments that we do have here on Earth.”

“I’ve had success in many different ways, but all those things can go because they don’t matter to me. What matters to me most is what is in front of me and the things that I love and care about, as well as what I can do with those things.”

“I think it is more important to live and to love,” he added.

To learn more about Nick Carter and his upcoming show dates, check out his official website.

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