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New single seeks to raise funds for children affected by the Ukraine conflict

The single to raise money for children in Ukraine is fast-paced, with an energetic tempo and rapid-fire lyrics.

Russian missiles have repeatedly pounded Ukraine's infrastructure
Russian missiles have repeatedly pounded Ukraine's infrastructure - Copyright AFP Noel CELIS
Russian missiles have repeatedly pounded Ukraine's infrastructure - Copyright AFP Noel CELIS

An independent music label called Black Razord Records, founded by video games publisher Wired Productions and alternative rock/rap artists, Ivar & The Horde, has released a new music video. This release from the Watford, UK based group is for the ‘Future Funk Squad Remix’ of the anti-war song Broken Walls.

The single is fast-paced, with an energetic tempo and rapid-fire lyrics. It urges listeners to question the violent decisions people make especially in times of war.

The track has been issued to raise money for children affected by the war in Ukraine in partnership with the charity War Child. As well as accepting donations, all contributors will receive a free copy of the double-A side single. War Child is based around a single goal: No child’s life should be torn apart by war. The charity aims to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and stay to support them through their recovery.

The Broken Walls single amassed a total of 100,000 listeners and it is hoped the new version will continue this trend. Broken Walls is a protest song especially written and produced to raise awareness of the military atrocities going on in the world.

To date, donations have reached $75,000. The funds have supported various charities offering aid in Ukraine, including the Red Cross and Unicef.

The track comes from the artists Ivar & The Horde (Stu Brootal and Kieron Pepper). Kieron Pepper is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, known primarily for his work as the first live drummer for The Prodigy. Stu Brootal produces well executed hip-hop flows and self-produced beats.

The new track draws inspiration from the war themed arcade twin-stick shooter Tiny Troopers: Global Ops developed by Epiphany Games. The game highlights a series of military megalomaniacs from around the world, and their greed filled desire to cause conflict and chaos.

Through their music group is not only seeking funds for the campaign. Another aim is to raise awareness about the devastating impact that war has on children and hence seeking to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children affected by conflict.

Black Razor Records was launched in 2022 and it seeks to bridge the gap between the video game and music worlds as well as providing music creators a platform to showcase and commercialise their talent.

The first commercial release was the Arcade Paradise EP, which is a collaboration between writers Kieron Pepper (ex-Prodigy live drummer), Ben Pickersgill (a Brighton producer who also goes under the name Klax, Critical), and singer Stu Brootal (Ivar & The Horde). All proceeds went to a video games mental health charity called Safe In Our World. The main goal of Safe In Our World is to create and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry for games and industry people worldwide. 

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