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New Kids on the Block’s Danny Wood talks solo album, charity work (Includes interview)

Regarding the song selection process for his new CD, Wood said, “Basically, most of the songs that I wrote are on the there. I didn’t need to go through a selection process, and it’s my own project. With the exception of three songs, I put all the songs that I liked on there. There are 17 songs on there.”

He listed the song “Hold On,” which he wrote and produced, as his personal favorite on the collection. “It’s one song that has a lot of meaning for me. The reason I made the record to begin with is to raise money for breast cancer patients through my mother’s foundation, Remember Betty Foundation,” he said.

Wood continued, “My mother passed away from breast cancer in 1999, and I wanted to do something in her memory. When the group got back together in 2008, I started raising money selling tank tops and T-shirts, and then decided doing events and fundraisers, and now it’s a full-time thing.”

Each day, Wood is motivated by his drive to be creative and his drive to be a better person. “I take care of my body, I’m healthy, I work out every day and I eat right, so it starts with that,” he said. “With the songwriting and the fundraising, it is very fulfilling to be doing something for such a good cause and it directly affects our fan-base. Many of our female fans have gone through it and have survived it. I didn’t know when I first started doing it that it was going to be so directly linked with the New Kids fan-base.”

For Wood, the key to longevity in the music industry is “treating their fans right.” “The fans appreciated us the first time around, and now, they really value us being together, and the entertainment that we brought to their lives,” he said. “Treat your fans good, and you will have a longer career.”

He listed multi-Grammy winner Norah Jones as his dream female collaboration choice. “If I could do something with her that would be a lovely duet,” he said.

Fans can check out his solo album Look At Me on iTunes by clicking here.

He stays connected with his fans via Twitter and Instagram. “It’s pretty easy. That’s how the New Kids and myself do everything. I just added seven shows in September and I announced it on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a great tool for us,” he said.

Wood defined the word success as “Whatever his kids think of him.”

To learn more about Wood’s charitable organization, the Remember Betty Foundation, click here.

For more information on Danny Wood, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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