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New changes in release of Grand Theft Auto V

These brand new cheats include unique codes for new vehicles, invincibility and launching characters up in the air.

One major difference in the new release of GTA5 is that now players can activate cheat codes by entering numbers into the in-game cell game. In previous games, players had to use the digital pad with button combinations to enter cheat codes, but not anymore. This new way of inputting cheat codes also features new unique numbers, but activating cheats is otherwise the same as inputting codes using the buttons for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game released last year. With this release, the cheats are incredibly diverse, giving players the ability to even change the weather, generate weapons and ammo, and acquire planes, choppers and other vehicles.

There is however one issue: the ability to save cheat codes or phone numbers. In previous games, cheats could be saved in the cell phone, but in GTA5, “players must dial the relevant number each time they want to use a cheat.” To dial a cheat code into the cell phone in GTA5, bring out the phone and press up on the direct pad, then go to contacts and press X.

The PC Version of GTA5 is still in the final developmental stages, as reported in a news brief on Christian Today, set to be released on January 27, 2015. Some changes players can expect include the inability to transfer characters from other versions of the game to the PC Version and included support for 4K screen displays with more vivid images. The same new weapons, cheat codes and vehicles of the new version of GTA5 will still be available for the PC Version.

For some of the most popular cell phone cheat codes for the PS4 and Xbox One release that feature special effects and new vehicles, check out this short list:

Spawn Comet (sports car) 1-999-266-38 (COMET)
Spawn Buzzard (small helicopter) 1-999-289-9633 (BUZZ-OFF)
Parachute 1-999-759-3483 (SKY-DIVE)
Flaming Bullets 1-999-462-363-4279 (INCENDIARY)
Invincibility 1-999-724-4654-5537 (PAIN-KILLER)
Slow Motion Aim 1-999-332-3393 (DEAD-EYE)

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