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NASCAR driver Tyler Williams talks ‘Spotlight,’ and country music (Includes interview)

Regarding the inspiration of his new album, Spotlight, he said, “Well, it’s been a while since I released any music. So, for me, this project is about getting new songs in front of people who’ve been asking to hear something from me for a while now.”

“Over the course of the seven tracks, you’ll hear stories from the girl at the bar who you wonder if you even have a shot with to the relationship that steals the spotlight and you’re okay with that. There are songs about living life and accepting it as is, not having any interest in changing the past. Also, there’s fun stuff on there that’s about having a good time and living life as you know it, not living what other people expect,” he elaborated.

Williams continued, “I think fans will hear the progression and growth as a songwriter and performer. Sonically and lyrically, they’ll hear us continuing to raise the bar in both of those areas.”

On his songwriting approach for his single “Spotlight,” he said, “That day I was writing with Jared Anderson, Joybeth Taylor, and Ryan Fine. We were catching up with each other and started throwing out song ideas. Racing and music are major highlights in my life so we were talking about the journey of doing those things, but also trying to find love and give relationships an honest shot to make it.”

“Ryan had this idea that resonated with me about a relationship with a woman who steals the spotlight and you’re okay with that because you don’t want or need the spotlight all the time,” he added.

The diverse skill set that he has acquired from racing to music has played a vital role in shaping his career into what it is today. “In racing and music, you have to be willing to be flexible. Schedules change. There are a lot of moving parts to make both of those worlds go round and if you’re too rigid you’ll have a hard time,” he explained.

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“So, I have learned to be adaptable to what’s happening at the moment. In racing, you’re reacting a lot at the moment, because you can’t predict what the track will do over the course of a run or what other drivers will do and I think that helps when things might not go as planned on stage so you can adjust quickly,” he said.

On his plans for the new year, he said, “For 2020, we’re finalizing plans to race the USAC National Midget Tour. We’ll be playing shows in support of all of the new music we’re releasing. Also, I’ll be speaking on more stages than ever.”

He listed Danielle Bradberry and Emily Weisband as his dream female duet choices in music. “Danielle has a powerful voice with a lot to say. She has a song off her album ‘I Don’t Believe We’ve Met’ called ‘Laying Low’ that I really like. I would love to sing with her. Also, Emily just released an EP. Her writing is as honest as it gets. That, plus her vocals are unbelievable.”

Williams also authored a motivational book titled, I Have a Voice. “I had a transformational experience in my twenties that caused me to look at how I was living my life. I felt like I had to write I Have A Voice for the 15-year-old version of me that needed to hear what I had to say. The experiences in the book helped me start the journey to get where I am today. I wouldn’t be racing or singing if it wasn’t for that book. I would title this chapter of my life, ‘Beyond the Limit’.”

On his dream moments, he said, “My dream stages are the Grand Ole Opry and Daytona. Both of those venues are legendary. The icons of country music have stood in the circle on the Opry stage while the heroes of motorsports moved from the sands of Daytona to the high banks of the speedway. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to follow in those footsteps.”

To learn more about NASCAR driver, author and country artist Tyler Williams, check out his official website and his Facebook page.

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