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Movie stars join regenerative farmers in new environmental documentary

In the new environmental documentary “Common Ground,” movie stars join regenerative farmers to help make a difference, in an effort to help reverse climate change.

Gabe Brown
Farmer Gabe Brown. Photo Courtesy of Gabe Brown
Farmer Gabe Brown. Photo Courtesy of Gabe Brown

In the new environmental documentary “Common Ground,” movie stars join regenerative farmers to help make a difference, in an effort to help reverse climate change.

The “Common Ground” documentary, directed by Josh and Rebecca Tickell, underscores the importance of working with nature as opposed to working against it.

This way, we can provide healthier food for ourselves and our children while drawing carbon into the soil. The directors co-wrote the screenplay with Johnny O’Hara.

The film is now in theaters across America, and locations that are available on its official homepage.

A movement on regenerative agriculture

The regenerative movement supports the restoration of our soil, health, and planet. Regenerative agriculture focuses on four practices: cover crops (plants that are planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested), as well as planned grazing, eliminating tillage, and the elimination of toxic chemicals.

Most importantly, healing the soil is the solution.

This movie depicts that regenerative agriculture is firmly rooted in traditional ecological knowledge. Much of what is called “regenerative agriculture” has been practiced by indigenous people for generations.

This documentary fuses the worlds of entertainment with farmers and scientists. Rosario Dawson, Laura Dern, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Jason Momoa, and Ian Somerhalder, all narrated this film, and it features interviews with regenerative farmer Gabe Brown, scientist Jonathan Lundgren, Dr. Mark Hyman, Leah Penniman, Ray Archuleta, Toby Kiers, Allejandro Carillo, Carey Gillam, Kelsey Ducheneaux-Scott, Kara Boyd, Robyn O’Brien, and Rick Clark, among others.

Jason Momoa in 'Common Ground'
Jason Momoa in ‘Common Ground.’ Photo Courtesy of ‘Common Ground’

In addition, the documentary raises points on how regenerative agriculture can help stabilize America’s economy.

Farmer Gabe Brown and his ranch in South Dakota, have transitioned from conventional agriculture to regenerative agriculture practices, and he noted that he experienced positive results with the soil, animals, human health; moreover, he was able to make bigger profits simply by shifting to the regenerative agriculture route.

Nikki Reed shares her thoughts on the importance of the soil

Actress Nikki Reed remarked, “In a world that is so unbelievably divided, we have in front of us the greatest opportunity for unity through soil. ‘Common Ground’ is a love letter to our children; it is a chance for people, planet, and profit to come together with the added benefit of reversing climate change through regenerative agriculture.”

Reed continued, “The solution is right in front of us, and this film offers a road map to getting us back on track while also putting money back in the hands of farmers, getting health back onto our plates, and instilling harmony back into the ground.”

For more information on “Common Ground,” check out its official website and Instagram.

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