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Michael Lowry talks about his 2022 Emmy nomination for ‘Days of Our Lives’

Acclaimed actor Michael Lowry chatted about his 2022 Daytime Emmy nomination for his acting work in “Days of Our Lives.”

Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry. Photo Credit: Clayton McLemore
Michael Lowry. Photo Credit: Clayton McLemore

Acclaimed actor Michael Lowry chatted about his 2022 Daytime Emmy nomination for his acting work in “Days of Our Lives.”

‘Days of Our Lives’

He scored an Emmy nod for “Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series” for playing Dr. Clay Snyder on “Days of Our Lives.” “It was really nice to be in that category,” he said. “It is nice to come in for a month or two or three, in my case, and have work that could potentially be awarded. I really liked that part of it.”

In his Emmy reel, he revealed that he submitted scenes where Dr. Snyder goes from being a regular doctor to one that has a “loose screw.” “There was one scene, in particular, with Emily O’Brien, where he tells her ‘here’s the deal’ and he turns psycho and weird. That scene was a little unsettling,” he said.

“Also, I submitted the scene where Paul Telfer confronts my character in the hospital and he stands up to him,” he added.

Lowry is drawn to his character, Dr. Clay Snyder, because it allowed him the opportunity to work with many actors on the hit NBC daytime drama. “Craig was in multiple storylines so he worked with a bunch of cast members, so that was kind of cool, especially to be a part of their stories,” he said.

This marks his second career Emmy nomination. He was previously nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series” for “Tainted Dreams” for playing Jordan Bradford.

‘Tainted Dreams’

Speaking of “Tainted Dreams,” he had great words about working with filmmakers Sonia Blangiardo and Brandon Goins. “Sonia and I go way back to my ‘All My Children’ days, and she also directed me on a couple of episodes on ‘Days of Our Lives’,” he said.

“Working with Alicia Minshew on ‘Tainted Dreams’ was great because I never got a chance to work with her on ‘All My Children.’ We never crossed paths there, so I met her doing ‘Tainted Dreams’ and she became a good friend of mine too,” he said.

While Lowry never worked with Jessie Godderz on the show “Tainted Dreams,” he praised him for being a “nice guy” and for his hard work ethic. “Coming from the wrestling and the physique world, Jessie did a great job on ‘Tainted Dreams.’ Jessie always came prepared and he was a really good sport. Jessie is such a happy soul,” he said.

The digital age

On being an actor in the digital age, Lowry said, “There is a lot of content so there are a lot of acting jobs out there. It’s interesting to me how production casts things as well. Even before COVID, there were a lot of self-tapes for auditions, which I like. I like to produce my own auditions, I like that aspect of it.”

“On the other side of that, since there is so much content, you don’t know how long a show can last because there are so many shows out there. The digital age is a double-edged sword,” he added.

If he were to have any superpower, he shared that it would be “mind control.”

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “This Old House.” He bought a house during COVID-19, and he is renovating it.


Lowry defined the word success as “inner peace and happiness.”

For his fans, Lowry said, “Thank you for the support. It is nice to see that my work matters to them. I really appreciate those thoughts and their support.”

To learn more about Emmy-nominated actor Michael Lowry, check out his IMDb page.

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