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Michael DeVorzon opens up about ‘Her Deadly Groom’ on Lifetime (Includes interview)

On Her Deadly Groom, he said, “I auditioned for the movie and it had a different title at the time. I audtioned for the part and I thought it would be interesting to play even though I hadn’t read the script. This character was a menace to society, and I was lucky enough to get the part.”

“There was a lot of great moments that I could play with,” he admitted. “The script was good and it had some nice twists and turns that even took me by surprise. I tried to play with the subtleties of the moment.”

He played the role of Vincent opposite Allison (Kate Watson) and George (Eric Roberts). “Kate’s a doll. I love her. She’s a sweetheart. We spent a lot of time together on the movie, where we were constantly working on scenes. She was great, I really enjoyed working with her,” he said.

“This was my first time working with Eric Roberts. He’s great, he is a character. I just had that one big scene with him, which I am pretty proud of. I got to spend a lot of time with him on set, we spoke about life and about football. He is a very interesting actor to watch and to work opposite of. He definitely gave me some interesting things to work with. I was very grateful to work with him,” he said.

On being an actor in the digital age, he said, “I think it’s a great time. Other than the pandemic slowing things down, I was lucky to have two movies come out during this time. I think the digital age is an interesting time, and it’s a great time for independent filmmakers. I am excited to see what is going to happen next.”

Each day, he is motivated by such practices as meditation, journaling, and exercise. “I am an avid practitioner of yoga, and I try to get a little workout in as well such as weightlighting and bodyweight exercises, and these keep me grounded,” he said. “Also, I am motivated by being creative and helping others. I feel very creative when I write, I love the writing process, although it can be intense at times. I love to help people.”

“I listen to audiobooks and I read a lot of spiritual books. It’s important for me to keep my mind and my spirit filled with literature. We need constant reminders,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “I am living on ‘I Don’t Know’ island.”

He defined the word success as “doing something that you love, and peace of mind.” “Health and peace of mind are two of the most valuable things,” he underscored.

DeVorzon also had nothing but the greatest remarks about working with acclaimed photographer Bjoern Kommerell. “Bjoern is incredible and a lovely guy. He’s a master photographer and he’s so much fun. When you do a shoot with him, it feels like you’ve done a movie. He talks you through it like a director. We have a lot of fun. He was born to be a director. I have a long history with Bjoern,” he said.

Actor Michael DeVorzon

Actor Michael DeVorzon
Bjoern Kommerell

He concluded about Her Deadly Groom, “I hope that people that watch the movie go on a thrill ride, and I hope they enjoy the entertainment value of that. At the same time, I hope they take away that it’s a very modern-day cautionary tale. It’s a real-life story that can happen to anybody. This is a good reminder for everybody to be safe and trust their intuition.”

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