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Meet Tracy Young: A pioneer woman and DJ in dance music industry (Includes interview)

Throughout her lengthy career in the music scene, Young has served as a DJ for Madonna’s wedding, where she became her official go to DJ. In addition, she worked with Paris Hilton, and is working on remix projects. “I’m an old bitch. Aren’t I?” she joked. “Time flies. Madonna’s wedding in Scotland was overwhelming, and a complete honor.”

Young was one of the first women of the dance floor. She is a product of the South Beach nightlife scene at its prime, where she would go on to spin the biggest clubs and festivals throughout the world. Young has led the way for many of today’s brightest female DJ stars.

Most impressive about Young is that she took a two-year break from DJing, which helped her to fall in love with the craft all over again. “For me, it was a break. I kind of recharged. It helped me realize that I was born to do this,” she said. “I feel in love with it all over again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Her latest original single “Peace, Love & Music,” with Ceevox, sits at No. 15 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs charts. It is available on Beatport. “That song was my reintroduction back to music,” she said. “We wrote that in 2004, and finished it last year. I used to sign my autographs ‘Peace, Love & Music’ and that’s how the title came along. It’s very appropriate with what we are experiencing now with our society.”

On the digital transformation of the music scene, she said, “Technology has impacted it extraordinarily. I always use this example: you could give 10 DJs, the same 10 records, and we would all play them differently, since we would all have different styles. With technology, you just push a button and you can mix. Technology has made the art form of DJing more accessible. You don’t need the skill you did when I started. Mixing to vinyl was a difficult skill. You had to teach yourself and you had to practice. You couldn’t Google that at the time.”

Young also hosts a weekly radio show on iHeartRadio. “That’s exciting because that’s how I started. I’m on Saturdays at 9 p.m. iHeartRadio is a huge company, and it’s a great place to start,” she said.

To learn more about acclaimed DJ Tracy Young, check out her official Facebook page.

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