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Meet music artist Brooke Korine, the positive influencer of your dreams

After successfully building a following on Instagram, Brooke Korine decided to use her platform for good.

Brooke Korine
Photo courtesy Brooke Korine / Thomas Herd
Photo courtesy Brooke Korine / Thomas Herd

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In the modern day, countless content creators do their best to make it big on their social media platform of choice. While anyone can pick up a phone and post, the ones that truly stand apart are the ones who offer not just style, but substance. Music artist and model Brooke Korine has this in droves, showing off her beautiful looks while likewise doling out her incredible lifestyle knowledge in droves.

After successfully building a following on Instagram, Korine decided to use her platform for good. The beauty still posts sultry snaps regularly, but intertwines it with important tips about health and wellness. Korine practices what she preaches and lives an active lifestyle herself, encouraging her many followers with her exercise advice and robust diet.

Korine likewise focuses on bringing awareness to mental health on her Instagram, knowing how vital taking care of the mind is to leading a fruitful life. Statistically speaking, one in every five Americans currently living with a mental illness, and thus the beauty’s consciousness effort on her platform has doubtless touched a large portion of her following’s life. 

Above all, Korine encourages her fans to look at self-development as the most important thing to work for, whether that’s accomplished through reading a book or trying something new. Korine herself is always looking to grow, dipping her toes into music, modeling, and acting to this date, with much more planned for the future.

With a healthy blend of positive lifestyle pointers and stunning photos, Brooke Korine is easily one of Instagram’s must-follow users of today.

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