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Meet Michael Maliakel: Star of ‘Aladdin’ on Broadway

Michael Maliakel, the star of “Aladdin” on Broadway, chatted about his career and his latest endeavors.

Michael Maliakel
'Aladdin' star Michael Maliakel. Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy for Disney
'Aladdin' star Michael Maliakel. Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy for Disney

Michael Maliakel, the star of “Aladdin” on Broadway, chatted about his career and his latest endeavors.

He also tipped his hat to the great Sir Tim Rice, who received the Johnny Mercer Award at the 2023 Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Manhattan.

The Johnny Mercer Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Songwriters Hall of Fame. It goes to writers already inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame for having established a history of outstanding creative works.

Performing ‘A Whole New World’

On June 15, Maliakel performed “A Whole New World” from the beloved Disney classic “Aladdin” as a duet with Heather Headley, at the induction ceremony. “It’s extraordinary to be here,” he admitted. “I am really privileged to get to be a part of this insanely incredible night celebrating Tim Rice.”

“Tim is an icon and a hero in our business of theater,” he said. “I am lucky that I get to sing his music every night, and be a part of that legacy,” Maliakel added.


On his daily inspirations as an artist and performer, Maliakel said, “It’s the privilege of getting to tell stories through songs, specifically our story, which is so beloved by people from all over the world. ‘Aladdin’ was my favorite Disney from my youth, for sure, and I know the same holds true for many people that come to see our shows by the thousands each week.”

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, now with streaming and technology being so prevalent, Maliakel said, “It’s all about access. I think it’s so important and incredible that people that may not have the opportunity to come to New York to see a Broadway show to purchase a ticket, to have access, and to be able to watch it from the comfort of their own home.”

“I think the digital age helps people that would otherwise be excluded from certain opportunities, and now they get exposed to them early on. The playing field is leveled,” he said.


On his definition of the word success, Maliakel said, “Ultimately, success is about feeling useful in the world, for me. I am so grateful to be in a job with a company that I love.”

“Beyond that, every day is going to be its own adventure in this business, and ultimately if I am doing what I love, and I am putting back into society everything it has given me, then I am going to be happy,” he added.

To learn more about Broadway actor Michael Maliakel, follow him on Instagram.

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