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Meet Georgina Pazcoguin: The white cat, Victoria, in ‘Cats’ (Includes interview)

On being in Cats the Musical, she said, “It feels wonderful, besides being a little tired this morning, it is really exciting.”

She continued, “Everyone has their own little story throughout this ball that we are attending in Cats. What is interesting about the musical is that each character has their little own story-line arc. My particular arc is one in which I am newer and younger in the tribe, and this is one my first falls. My character, Victoria, is experiencing so many new things in her life.”

Each day, she is motivated by her passion for dancing. “I am in love with dance. I live, breathe and study dance,” she said. “Right now, I am actually going to ballet class, and I am trying to keep myself in shape. It’s a very exciting time right now.”

She acknowledged that her schedule is quite hectic and she is taking things one day at a time. “Right now, my focus is on Cats, and I continue to dance, and hopefully there will be more musical theatre,” she said. “I encourage people to follow, and they will get a lot of behind the scenes. Now that we are getting into a more routine schedule, we will be doing a lot more cool things over at Cats. Come visit us at the junkyard. We are having a blast, and you could have a blast with us.”

Her advice for aspiring actors is: “If you plan to come to New York, don’t be discouraged by the word ‘no.’ I’ve heard the word ‘no’ so many times. For every ‘yes’ that you get, it seems to be a thousand ‘nos,’ and they are part of the process.”

For more information on actress and dancer Georgina Pazcoguin, check out her Twitter page and on Instagram.

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