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Meet Brooke Aldridge: 2017 IBMA ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ (Includes interview)

Regarding her “Female Vocalist” win, Aldridge said, “Oh my gosh. I am so honored and humbled by the recognition. It’s a great feeling. I’m still on Cloud 9.”

The songstress went on to praise her fellow nominees in her category: Dale Ann Bradley, Sierra Hull, Amanda Smith and Molly Tuttle. “All the women in my category were huge inspirations and people that I’ve admired in this business. All those girls are true and amazing talents. I am so honored to have brought it home this year. Just to be considered in the Top 5 is really special as well.”

Her husband, Darin, also won the 2017 IBMA award for “Mentor of the Year.” “He was so honored because he has gotten to work with so many young people in the business,” she said. “He was very thankful and grateful for the opportunity, because he has so many great mentors in the past himself.”

She drawn to bluegrass music due to the people. “It’s so family oriented and I love that about it. Everybody is so personable,” she said. “Everybody is so down-to-earth in bluegrass.

On her plans for the future, she said, “Just keep on climbing and doing what we love. This music is our life and we definitely want to continue to get out there and encourage people through music and reach out to people that may be going through a hard time.”

Digital transformation of bluegrass music

On the impact of technology on the music business, she said, “Just having all the downloads through the Internet is a good thing, especially for the younger generation. I’ve worked in public school too and it’s crazy to see how quick a five-year-old can check out music and YouTube videos. I am happy for that, since technology is driving our younger generation. I definitely want them to look for music that encourages and uplifts them.”

She also concurred that lately there is a resurgence of vinyl. “That’s cool too. I remember being a kid and seeing my parent’s vinyl records, and I thought they were neatest things. I hope they become popular again,” she said.

On her use of technology for her music, Aldridge said, “Totally with social media. It’s so cool. You can make a video and upload it to the Internet in just a matter of seconds. We are constantly making videos of ourselves in our living rooms to post on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, so it’s pretty cool you can do all that in minutes. It’s a great way to showcase your music.”

Regarding the key to longevity in the music industry, she said, “Continue to be yourself as an artist, and not trying to be like everybody else. Always be creative and show people what you can do.”

For their dedicates fans, Aldridge concluded, “I am so honored, and I love this music that we get to play that connects us to all of them. We appreciate their love and support always.”

To learn more about bluegrass duo Darin & Brooke Aldridge, check out their official website.

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