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Max Ehrich talks about his new single ‘BACKROADS’

Actor and singer Max Ehrich chatted about his new single “BACKROADS.”

Max Ehrich
Max Ehrich. Photo Credit: Ryan Jerome
Max Ehrich. Photo Credit: Ryan Jerome

Actor and singer Max Ehrich chatted about his new single “BACKROADS.”

Most recently, he starred in the UPtv film “Southern Gospel,” which was directed and written by Jeffrey A. Smith. Ehrich played the role of rock star Samuel Allen in “Southern Gospel.”

“My day has been amazing,” he admitted. “I went to the gym, I did some yoga, I meditated and I prayed. I am gearing up to release my debut single from my breakthrough EP.”

“I am just so excited to continue putting out art for people to share. It’s a very sacred experience to make the artist but to share the art is a different energy that is very exciting. I am just grateful that I am just sharing this music and that I feel comfortable sharing it,” he elaborated.

“I am very conscious about the impact that I want to have on people. I just want to make people feel good through my music,” he added.

New music project in the works

“This project is where I am at now,” he said. “I was involved in the songwriting process for this tune. Right now, I am in a place in my life where I am full of inspiration, joy, and a full heart. I am looking for love but I am loving myself first.”

“In the past, I’ve had a tendency to put other people first, and now I am honoring everything that is filling my soul while still respecting my boundaries, and I am doing that energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” he acknowledged.

“I am actually getting in the studio tonight to make more songs,” he said. “I am always creating. In my world, I am keeping it as pure as possible.”

‘BACKROADS’ single

On his new single “BACKROADS,” Ehrich said, “It is basically about keeping a fling (someone that you fall for) private. I think Taylor Swift said it best in the song ‘Paris,’ where ‘romance is not dead if you keep it just yours,’ and it’s true.”

“I think there is something really beautiful about keeping things private and taking the backroads, and that’s what the song is literally about. Going away from public and the prying eyes so that you can really get to know someone and really show up. That is how I live my life now,” he explained.

“I love romance,” he admitted. “This song is a fun, end of the summer vibe and I want people to drive with the windows down and listen with their public or private flame. It is exactly where I am in my life. It’s a fun and lighthearted place. I am really excited for the music to come out.”

“I hope that viewers and listeners feel the love and the joy that I put into this song. I hope they have fun listening to it and playing it. I am excited for them to hear more,” he added.

Max Ehrich
Max Ehrich. Photo Credit: Ryan Jerome

The digital age

“I think it’s awesome because it gives artists a fair chance to share their music and content. It used to be specific people deciding on what artists can share their music, but now the playing field is leveled.”

“While there might be an overload of music, I think it’s beautiful that people can express themselves artistically and have platforms to be able to do so. It allows you to connect with people from all over the world, people that I would never have access to,” he elaborated.

“I am learning about cultures and I would love to go on a world tour, not only to see the different places but also to obviously perform at places,” he added.

“AI is a big topic right now, and I think that people are moved by human emotions through the arts. I would like it to remain humans making the art because I wouldn’t listen to an AI-created song. Personally, I want to hear people’s stories and I want to hear them,” he said.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he revealed, “Love.”

His favorite motto to live by is the following quote by former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt: “Keep your eyes on the stars, but your feet on the ground.”

New film

Aside from his new music, he also revealed that he will have a new movie coming out in the near future.


Regarding his definition of the word success, Ehrich said, “Success means living my full potential through my art. Family and self are definitely No. 1 for me. All of that brings peace of mine.”

“BACKROADS” is available for pre-order on digital service providers by clicking here.

For more information on actor and musician Max Ehrich, follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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