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Margaret Cho talks new tour, New York shows and Robin Williams (Includes interview)

On her latest endeavors, Cho said, “I just finished a bunch of things in San Francisco. I have a new show on TLC that is going to premiere in January that is called ‘All About Sex.’ It’s a talk show and an advice show and I am looking forward to that.”

Regarding her 2015 tour, she said, “I am always touring. The ‘Mother’ tour last year was great, but this show is a little different. This one has all new material. It is definitely very raw and hard. It is called ‘There’s no ‘I’ in Team, but there is a ‘Cho’ in Psycho.”

She added, “I am really happy about this show. I think it’s really funny and really strong. I am grateful that I can still tour and be proud of what I do. I think it’s really exciting.”

In March of 2015, Cho will be returning to “The Big Apple,” in an effort to film her stand-up special at Gramercy Theatre. “I am going to be filming a comedy special during that time, so that is really exciting and I am really looking forward to that. The second day, on March 7, will be the DVD taping,” she said.

Her forthcoming Gramercy Theatre shows will be her first in Manhattan in over two years.

In previous years in New York, Cho played shows at Fire Island, which were an “awesome” experience for the veteran comedian. “I love to perform and hang out there. A lot of my friends are there, so it’s always exciting. I am always touring and I plan to go back again,” she said.

Most recently, Cho has been living in San Francisco and giving back to the homeless community in honor of the late Robin Williams. “I created a meeting point where people could come and bring things to donate to the homeless, and the homeless could come and take it. In the process, I would do a three-hour show, where it was comedy and music and all sorts of different entertainment. I would also give people haircuts and a concert, which I think was really unique,” she said.

Cho added, “Robin Williams was an amazing guy and influence. He was also one of the greatest philanthropists, and people do not understand that about him. Robin really helped people a lot.”

When asked how she juggles all of these different forms of entertainment (stand-up comedy, music and television), she said, “It is all different every day, and it is easy to do. I have a lot of fun.”

On her proudest moments, Cho said, “I love the fact that I still get to do what I do, that I have longevity, and that I have a lot of joy in this business.”

Speaking of longevity, she said, “Just enjoying yourself and being in love with your job. That is all that really matters. You need to really enjoy it. I just like to connect with the audience and with people, and have fun with them. It’s a party.”

For aspiring comics, she recommended that they “fall in love with the job itself.” “Find your way to love it, and you will be rewarded. It takes a whole lifetime to get really good at it and to really love it, so keep doing it,” she said.

Cho defined success as “being grateful.” “Joan Rivers taught me to be grateful for everything, and that’s what I am: grateful for everything,” she concluded.

For more information on Margaret Cho, check out her official website.

Markos Papadatos
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