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Margaret Cho defends Golden Globes North Korea gags

Margaret Cho as North Korean general

There were stories and online posts critical of the gags Cho threw out there playing a fictional North Korean general, Cho Jong-un. Among other bits, General Cho Jong-un got a selfie with Meryl Streep. The 46-year-old comedian commented on her comments.

Here’s a part of her statement:

“I’m of North and South Korean descent, and I do impressions of my family and my work all the time, and this is just another example of that,” Cho’s statement said. “I am from this culture. I am from this tribe. And so I’m able to comment on it.

“I can do whatever I want when it comes to Koreans – North Koreans, South Korean. I’m not playing the race card, I’m playing the rice card. I’m the only person in the world, probably, that can make these jokes and not be placed in a labour camp.”

“If it’s Asian Americans making fun of Asians, we’re claiming our own voice, we’re claiming our heritage,” she added. “We’re claiming all of the aspects of our own culture, and we’re allowed to.”

The Interview at Golden Globes

Cho’s jabs at North Korea were not the only jokes in which that country was featured during the evening, there were also jokes on the controversy surrounding the movie ‘The Interview.’ Those jokes, however, were directed more at the film itself rather than North Korea’s adverse reaction to it.

“Tonight we celebrate all of the great television shows that we know and love as well as all the movies that North Korea was OK with,” co-host Tina Fey said. Her co-host Amy Poehler then said: “The biggest story in Hollywood this year was when North Korea threatened an attack if Sony Pictures released The Interview, forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it.”

In her statement, Cho added that if her jabs at North Korea got her put in a labour camp the solution would be “to send Bill Clinton to come and get me.”

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