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Marco Grazzini of ‘Virgin River’ talks about his Hallmark film ‘Hearts in the Game’

Actor Marco Grazzini (“Virgin River”) chatted about his new Hallmark movie “Hearts in the Game.”

Marco Grazzini in 'Hearts in the Game'
Marco Grazzini in 'Hearts in the Game.' Photo Credit: Craig Minielly, Hallmark Media
Marco Grazzini in 'Hearts in the Game.' Photo Credit: Craig Minielly, Hallmark Media

Actor Marco Grazzini (“Virgin River”) chatted about his new Hallmark movie “Hearts in the Game.” It will premiere on Saturday, April 29 on the Hallmark Channel.

The synopsis is: A publicist, Hazel (played by Erin Cahill) helps a pitcher for the New York Mets, and her boyfriend from high school, finds his way back to the game and her heart.

‘Hearts in the Game’

On being a part of this film, he said, “It was really fun to shoot. We filmed it in Vancouver. It was challenging because I had to get reacquainted with playing baseball, but it was a fulfilling time as far as being an actor goes,” he said.

“It was a subject matter that was near and dear to my heart. I had a lovely co-star, Erin Cahill, who was very generous, and other members of the cast. Overall, it was a really positive experience,” he admitted.

On working with Erin Cahill, Grazzini said, “Erin was very giving from the first day, and she was eager to step into improvisation. It was like we had known each other for years. We didn’t really have to fake it.”

Grazzini opened up about playing his character Diego. “I always tend to look for a sense of humor in my character. There are definite similarities in the way Diego tends to use humor as a defense mechanism, so I was glad to see that characteristic with Diego. He is also a very loyal person and very family-oriented, where family is very important to him.”

The digital age

On being an actor in the digital age, Grazzini said, “I think it’s fantastic because the reach that a project has is unlimited. As an actor, it drastically improves the reach for you. With the digital age, the access to projects is unlimited.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of his life, Grazzini shared, “Baby on the Way.” “I can’t wait. The baby is coming in August,” he revealed.

On his definition of the word success, Grazzini said, “Success means knowing that you’ve put your all into whatever endeavor that you’ve chosen. Success is simply finding your passion and pursuing it.”

Grazzini concluded about “Hearts in the Game,” “Everybody goes through some tough times. Sometimes, it takes a while to be able to process what you are going through, ultimately, everybody has the tools available to deal with what they have in front of them.”

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