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Magician Shin Lim talks magic career, achievements, future plans (Includes interview)

Lim is touring Scandinavia, as well as performing magic and doing lectures.

On his inspiration to pursue magic, he said, “I got into magic during high school, where my brother showed me the slip force and told me to go to YouTube to figure it out. From there I learned as much free magic on YouTube as I could. And because money was an issue for me, I couldn’t afford to purchase books or gimmicks at magic trick stores, so a deck of cards was the most economical. The great thing about YouTube is that I could see the greats performing on there. The biggest influences were Tommy Wonder, David Stone, Jean Pierre Vallarino, David Sousa, Yu ho Jin, Yan Frisch, and many more which have influenced me in many ways.”

Lim’s awards include being named World Teen Champion for Close-Up Magic, as well as North-American FISM Champion in Card Magic and International First Place Winner for Close-Up Magic. “It feels wonderful, and almost a dream come true. Before the competition began, I would constantly imagine winning the grand prize and going up on stage while everyone stood up to their feet to cheer. It was mostly a dream, until it came true this year,” he said.

He was a part of Penn & Teller’s show Fool Us, where his mysterious magic video clip has gone viral, where it has accumulated over 7.5 million views within a month, and it garnered rave reviews from veteran magicians Penn & Teller. “It was an unexpected dream come true, and I couldn’t be happier,” Lim said.

Lim’s goals for the future would include to someday perform in a theater like Penn & Teller, or master magician David Copperfield. His proudest professional moments include winning the FISM, and becoming a viral sensation on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

While his schedule is quite tight, and be barely has enough time to create magic, his other passions include filming and editing.

Each day, Lim is motivated by being the best he can be, and to prove everybody who had doubted him in the past wrong. His advice for hopefuls in magic is as follows: “Keep on going no matter what, and don’t listen to anyone’s advice but your own. The moment you start feeding off other people’s opinions you lose your own character. Lets say for example that during a competition you lost. And after there’s a judges critique. Don’t listen to them. Instead, watch the other competitors and ask yourself why you think you lost. And believe me you will know why. You don’t need the judges to tell you otherwise. The only thing they’ll do is confuse you even more.”

For his fans, Lim concluded, “I love you all and thank you so much for supporting me in my endeavors. You guys are awesome.”

To learn more about magician Shin Lim, check out his official website.

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