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Magician Krystyn Lambert talks The Supernaturalists, Criss Angel (Includes interview)

It will take place at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut, and it is produced and created by Criss Angel. “It has been amazing. I just got out of rehearsal and I have been here since early in the morning,” she said. “Criss Angel has opened my whole world to this next level of magic and performance. It has been such a blessing to be working with him, and it has totally expanded my horizons, and I have been able to create things that I have never dreamt I could create.”

On her forthcoming shows at Foxwoods, she said, “I always joke that I risk my life and sanity daily with these demonstrations. There is a chance I could cut myself and end up in the hospital, and fall probably on my head and probably break my neck, or set myself on fire, and those are the easy things. This is a very physical and intense show for me. I compare it to a boxing match, since it is very dangerous.”

When asked what it has been like to work with Landon Swank and Spenser Horsman, Lambert said, “I have known both of them for a long time. When I found out that we were all brought to do this show, it was very cool. It felt like a homecoming. We all blossomed in magic.”

Lambert has been hailed as the “female version of David Blaine” and Criss Angel dubbed her as “the top female magician,” both of which were flattering comparisons. “I have worked really hard, and it has been difficult working in a world that has been dominated by men, and it has been hard to get ahead and develop my art,” she said. “It has been hard, but Criss [Angel] was the first person who saw a lot of potential in me. He saw my talent and my chops, and I had a strong stage presence and knew that I was willing to work harder than anybody else. I first started working with him four years ago, and it has been such a blessing for him to be involved with my work on a day-to-day basis. That has been inspiring to me.”

Regarding her plans for the future, she said, “I have many lofty ambitions. There hasn’t really been a female that has dominated the art, in the intensity that I feel that it can be dominated, so that definitely drives me to keep moving forward.”

Each day, Lambert is motivated by the company that she is surrounded by and the performers that she works with. “Criss is an inspiration, and a big motivator for me,” she said. “I am also driven by vulnerability, and I am really drawn to doing things that frighten me physically, and by putting myself out on a limb.”

She shared that by studying philosophy in college, her magic has improved substantially. “It teaches you a new way to approach things, and how to problem solve things,” she said. “I studied causation, and that way of thinking has been very beneficial.”

For aspiring young magicians, she recommended they read and be as educated about magic as much as possible. “Revel in that knowledge. I think that is important, and do not be afraid to be different and to take risks,” she said. “As a girl, I am breaking the mold, by the nature of my gender.”

She defined the word success as “Diving boldly for your dreams, and being relentless with what you want to accomplish.”

To learn more about magician Krystyn Lambert, check out her official homepage.

For more information on her upcoming shows in “The Supernaturalists,” visit its official website.

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