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Love beyond boundaries: the awakening of Justine Santana in a futuristic world by A. K. Frailey

The NEWEARTH series by A. K. Frailey portrays love and compassion from a whole new perspective.

Photo courtesy A. K. Frailey
Photo courtesy A. K. Frailey

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Imagine a world where extraterrestrial species and supernatural forces travel across the universe. A world where machines operate humanely. A planet where love has to be defined by a whole new set of realities – a NEWEARTH where a human-android hybrid has awakened!

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we connect and maintain bonds and relationships. Love in a digital age transcends physical boundaries, allowing people from multiple corners of the world to forge deep emotional connections. It is a force that defies boundaries, transcending cultural, ethnic, societal, and geographical limitations. The NEWEARTH series by A. K. Frailey portrays love and compassion from a whole new perspective.

Who would have thought a human-hybrid could develop a personal moral code and sincerely care about another human-hybrid? 

NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens highlights the transformative potential of love, reminding readers of its profound impact on our personal lives and society as a whole. What makes this book rare is the romantic plot incorporated with aliens and human androids. This gives readers a deep dive into the world of science fiction and artificial intelligence. As they say, love has no boundaries; it leads people down unexpected paths—even to the point of being willing to sacrifice oneself for an enemy’s good. 

A. K. Frailey has written historical fiction along with sci-fi. She has a collection of short stories, inspiring non-fiction, a children’s book, and a poetry collection as well. As a teacher with a degree in Elementary Education, she has also taught in Milwaukee, Chicago, L.A., and Wood River. Frailey was also a trainer in the Philippines for Peace Corps.

She has been writing for over ten years and has published 17 novels and non-fiction books, each taking readers into a different world of imagination and fantasies. Her novels take readers from the OldEarth world to the NEWEARTH universe, where falsehood is a norm, but honesty ultimately triumphs. Frailey is also a mother and homemaker who has homeschooled all her children – she is quite the family woman who enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

The majority of her non-fiction writing is centered around the convergence of motherhood, widowhood, the cultivation of gratitude, and the pursuit of happiness. Frailey also holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, which she earned from Full Sail University. Additionally, she dedicates her free time to volunteering as an election judge, teaching, and serving as the secretary for her local cemetery.

NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens is a page-turning sci-fi fantasy novel that portrays the survival story of the human and alien Newearth world. In a distant time, a mysterious civilization brings into existence a small group of human androids far surpassing ordinary robots in their innate connection to human beings. Among them is Justine Santana, a rare blend of human and machine who is deactivated as punishment for past transgressions.

Taug, an extraterrestrial from the planet Crestar, reawakens Justine to defeat Derik, a hybrid of human and Cresta lineage. Little does our heroine know that the potent force of love would render her mission impossible. This raises the question of whether Justine is more a faithful robot that does the bidding of her benefactors or if her unique capacity for empathy and compassion that define humanity will reign supreme. 

This sci-fi fantasy portrays the importance of near-future Artificial Intelligence (AI), a whole new world where machines and robots are created and programmed to understand, decide, learn, speak, and behave like human beings.

These artificial intelligence machines are sometimes created as weapons to protect the planet and prevent disruption. Will Taug’s generational curse become a blessing instead? Will Justine lead the way to a more compassionate future for humans and aliens alike?

Time is not on her side, and the fate of life as we know it rests in her hands.

What, or who, will she choose? 

NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens is an exciting page-turner novel that clarifies the real boundaries between humans and machines, giving a whole new meaning to the concept of love as the lines between Justine’s two-dimensional robotic nature and budding humanity collide, and she grapples with her newfound emotions. 

At the heart of this captivating story lies the question of whether love can transcend the boundaries of loyalty and personal self-interest. Justine’s unexpected connection with Taug throws her into a moral quandary. Is she merely a weapon designed to follow orders, or has she evolved into something more? This book helps readers explore the emotional complexities Justine faces as she confronts her identity and the moral choices she must make. We all must make.

A. K. Frailey not only explores the themes of love and identity but also focuses on the significance of artificial intelligence in a rapidly advancing world. Machines embedded with human elements that possess the ability to comprehend, think, learn, and behave like humans might become an integral part of society. On the contrary, the growth and development of artificially intelligent machines as weapons blur the boundaries between protection and self-destruction. 

According to Frailey, Artificial Intelligence is a present reality. Sentience is another matter. She believes that the innate desire of individuals to push boundaries continuously, the real possibility of a human “being” embedded into an artificial armature, is a distinct possibility. She explores right and wrong in her novels and portrays the message that advancement in technology comes at a price. How are the brains of children and individuals being rewired by this tech-centered society? What is humanity losing in this process? 

NEWEARTH: Justine Awakens is a science fiction and fantasy masterpiece that explores the interplay between love, identity, and the struggle for a new world order. As readers follow Justine’s thrilling adventure, they are invited to question the nature of humanity, the boundaries of love, and the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence.

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