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Lorenzo Richelmy talks second season of ‘Marco Polo’ on Netflix (Includes interview)

The series is in its second season, and it was inspired by Marco Polo’s time in the Mongolian Empire with Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. “It feels miserable. It’s the worst thing that happened in my life,” he said, jokingly. “It’s great! This season was so much easier and more fun than season one, especially since I had to learn English in the first season. I am feeling blessed. I would have never expected this three years ago, and now I just am riding this huge wave, and living this huge journey. I couldn’t imagine anything better that would happen to me work-wise.”

Most impressive about this season is that it digs deeper into the darker aspects of the show’s characters. “This season shows the dark side of each character, and it’s more interesting. It’s great to be a part of it,” he said.

The hardest part for Rechelmy getting into his character, Marco Polo, was “learning English.” Each day, Rechelmy is motivated by his love for travelling and curiosity in human beings. “That’s what fascinates me the most,” he said. “Being an actor is another journey in another person’s hat, which you have to make believable. I truly believe that traveling and acting, at the same time, are part of a process of emancipation.”

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