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Linda Dano reflects on ‘Another World,’ and talks about her new podcast

Actress Linda Dano chatted about her new podcast, and reflected about her tenure on the daytime drama “Another World.”

Linda Dano
Linda Dano. Photo Courtesy of Linda Dano.
Linda Dano. Photo Courtesy of Linda Dano.

Actress Linda Dano chatted about her new podcast “IN with Linda Dano,” and reflected about her tenure on the daytime drama “Another World.” She also remembered the late Anne Heche.

Her first-ever virtual fan event

On January 21, she participated in her first-ever virtual fan event, hosted by Coastal Entertainment, where she was joined by an intimate group of soap opera fans.

“It is so overwhelming to me. I am so old, I don’t know any of this,” she said with a sweet laugh about doing her first Zoom event with fans. “I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart for spending some time with me.”

“The fact that you would all be here today, in this timeframe, sitting and waiting, and you are here, I am eternally grateful for that,” she expressed, effusively.

‘Another World’

An Emmy Award-winning actress shared some nostalgic stories about “Another World,” where she played Felicia Gallant.

Initially, when she started out in the industry, she wanted to become a fashion designer. “That was my whole goal as a  young person looking for a career,” she said.

“‘Another World’ is such a huge part of who I am,” she said. “Storylines are what you have with people that you love.”

“Daytime has become the most fun I ever had,” she said. “I made so many friends in daytime, and we would help each other. The day we left that building, when ‘Another World’ was off the air, was terrifying.”

“I’ve had a glorious and great life,” she acknowledged.

The veteran actress noted that she never watches her acting performances. “I never watch myself ever… I’m not that secure. I’ve never watched myself up until recently,” she admitted.


On the idea for her podcast, “IN with Linda Dano,” she said, “This is new for me. I decided to do it because of the love affair of my life, and ‘Another World’ in particular, all my friends there, and all of the fans. I am stunned after all these years that the fans still care, even though the show has been off the air. I am fascinated by it and grateful.”

Dano continued, “All of my friends from ‘Another World’ feel the same way about it that I do because it was a warm environment and a family. We are all part of one family, and it’s glorious to have that.”

“I’ve gone through some sad, awful times (losing my loved ones), and I feel I can reach out to my fans. It is so gratifying to have a career where the fans come with it. The fans are all a part of it and I find that to be comforting, lovely, and genuine. I never feel alone,” she elaborated.

“The podcast makes me touch you, see you, and want to know more about you because we all are people,” she said. “We help each other that way, and we try to be stronger.”

Her podcast, “IN with Linda Dano,” is available on Spotify.

Remembering Anne Heche

Dano remembered the late Anne Heche, whom she worked with on “Another World.”

“Annie was the most extraordinary girl… Great actress… she was really good,” Dano said. “She had an incredible soulfulness, which comes from someone who has lived a difficult young life. When she died, that was tragic. It was a very big blow to everyone on ‘Another World’; we all loved her,” she recalled.

For more information on actress Linda Dano, check out her IMDb page, and follow her on Instagram.

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