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Leo Howard talks about starring in ‘Days of Our Lives’ on Peacock

Actor Leo Howard chatted about starring in the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” as the new Tate Black.

Actor Leo Howard
Actor Leo Howard. Photo Credit: Paul Smith Photography.
Actor Leo Howard. Photo Credit: Paul Smith Photography.

Actor Leo Howard chatted about starring in the Peacock daytime drama “Days of Our Lives” as the new Tate Black.

Joining ‘Days of Our Lives’

On being a part of “Days of Our Lives,” a show that has been filming for over 60 years, he said, “It’s awesome. It’s a great group of people, and they are wildly professional. There is a lot of material to do always, and everybody is really on top of that, and I always appreciate that. Also, they were really welcoming.”

Portraying Tate Black

Howard just took over the role from Jamie Martin Mann, who left to pursue his studies in college. “Taking over the role of Tate has been great. It has been a smooth transition,” he said.

“Being able to play a teenager is so much easier when there is a father and mother dynamic, especially with Eric Martsolf and Emily O’Brien. It has been fun to showcase his petulant, teenage angst. I like Tate quite a bit,” he acknowledged.

“I am excited and I am very grateful. I am very appreciative of all the opportunities I’ve gotten,” he added.

Working with Eric Martsolf

On working with Emmy winner Eric Martsolf as his onscreen father Brady Black, Howard said, “I love Eric, he is one of my favorite people here. From the first day, he was so warm and welcoming. He and I have a lot in common and we have similar views of the world, and so, I really get along with him and I really like him.”


“Handling all this dialogue is an adjustment for sure. I’ve always been good with memorizing things,” he admitted about the soap opera world (where most actors have to learn anywhere from 20 to 80 pages of script per day).

“There is a quantity and there is a pace. There is a different mindset when it comes to balancing your work life because this is a show that doesn’t end unlike most film projects. This forces me into a better schedule. I have to devote time to it, and then, I can do the things in my personal life,” he elaborated.

“It took me a minute but I feel pretty settling in right now. It’s a muscle and it speeds up,” he added.

The digital age

On being an actor in the digital age, Howard said, “For me, being on a soap, I don’t know any different, but my mother has always watched soap operas, and she used to watch ‘General Hospital.’ I can imagine the difference now, especially with the taping gap that we have, and it’s hard to remember what was going on.”

“The character grows so much in such short periods of time,” he said. “It will be interesting for me to see my performance on TV all over again when it does air.”

“This is my inaugural experience with Peacock,” he admitted. “I am excited; it’s cool, especially since I’ve been on a lot of different platforms so this allows me to check one more off the list.”

Leo Howard on his personal life

Speaking of his personal life, he is engaged to actress Natasha Hall, who ironically enough is the temporary recast for Sloan (Jessica Serfaty). “It was cool to be able to tell people on the set that my soon-to-be-wife is on the show as well,” he said with a sweet laugh.

“They couldn’t believe that Natasha is my fiancée, especially since I’m playing a teenager on the show,” he noted. “Natasha and I have never gotten the opportunity to work together and we crossed paths when I was doing the read for Tate on the same day that she was working. That was such a cool experience for us.”

Advice for young and aspiring actors

For young and aspiring actors, Howard said, “Go train, work on your craft, and be as truthful as possible. I think we all have our own unique fingerprint. I think it’s important to understand and accept what your fingerprint and what your lane is, and be that because there is only one of you.”

“Yes, we are playing other people but we are still ourselves, and nobody is going to beat us at being ourselves, so cultivate that,” he acknowledged.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he revealed, “Growth and Learning.” “I’m in a phase of my life where I’ve looked at all the things that scare me a little bit and I’m doing all of those things,” he said.

“I was always a working actor so I learned by doing,” he admitted. “I lacked a bit of a technique so going to a formal class really scared me. I decided to go back to acting school about a year ago and that was really great for me. This is certainly a growth and learning chapter for me.”

Music as his side passion

While he hasn’t been recording any new music, he shared that his band Ask Jonesy & Company has been a “great passion project” of his. “We haven’t been together in a bunch of years but it has been a really fun experience,” he said.

Bjoern Kommerell

Howard praised German master photographer Bjoern Kommerell for being “awesome” and a “dynamic character.” “I love Bjoern; I think he’s wonderful and so good at what does. He has such a unique style,” he expressed.

Superpower of choice

On his superpower of choice, he shared, “While I would love to fly, I would feel horribly guilty not choosing something that would benefit the world such as healing people, so I would probably pick that, which would be pretty powerful.”


“Success has definitely changed for me,” he said about his definition of the word. “Success is being able to live the lifestyle that I enjoy living while doing what I enjoy doing.”

“Right now, I have success… I am doing what I love to do and I have enough of everything. I am very grateful. Success has definitely changed as I aged and experienced the industry in all of its lovely ways,” he added.

Message for his fans

For his fans, he said, “It is always exciting to have fans. There is buzz now, especially being on a show that is already existing, and people want to know what’s going to happen and what it’s going to be like? I think that will be cool.”

“I’ve had a lot of fans that have been with me through the different progressions of my career. This is a new genre for a lot of my fans and it will be exciting to have some access to a brand new demographic and audience,” he concluded.

To learn more about actor Leo Howard, check out his official homepage, and follow him on Instagram.

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