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‘Knots Landing’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ Actress, Lar Park Lincoln (Includes interview)

With over 30 years in showbusiness, this Dallas born star has an impressive list of acting credits to her name. As well as the aforementioned movie and TV show, the 55 year old has also appeared in popular series such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Murder, She Wrote, and presented on home shopping channel QVC.

If that wasn’t enough, the mother of two, who has previously battled breast cancer, published a book, Get Started Not Scammed, from Finance to Fame, offering sound advice to anyone hoping to take up acting as a profession, in 2008, and even runs her own acting/performance school in her hometown of Dallas.

“This year so far has taken me around the world,” she said, “appearing at signings and coaching actors. Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and France. I keep a busy travel schedule with Los Angeles and Texas, where I own Actors Audition Studios.”

On the subject of her upcoming new film, Lar said: “Expulsion was a fun project I shot last summer in Arizona. It’s a science fiction story of alternate dimensions, time travel and the race to see who will ‘own’ the portals to other universes.

“I play a woman who has been ‘duplicated’ several times and is desperately trying to control the company’s scientists and keep her last chance of survival open through a portal that is diminishing.

“I liked playing her because I felt that under her relentless desire for power and control, we see a frantic woman trying to hold on to the hope that she can manipulate time and get back to her own dimension. I was also the set coach for the film, and it was a dream because I had two of my acting students in it. I was able to both coach and act.”

She added: “I don’t think the passion and desire for acting ever leaves you. I am lucky to live through every client’s audition and success. I have been reading and looking at roles again for myself and only time will tell the next character I may be fortunate enough to bring to life.”

What was it like working on one of the Friday the 13th films? “A lover of thriller and horror movies myself, shooting that was a chance to to play opposite an iconic, mad force of nature: the mass-murderer, Jason,” replied Lar. “My character, Tina, was telekinetic and psychic and gave the series a fun, unexpected direction.

“It was many cold, long night shoots, travel and body parts everywhere to motivate me to scream! I do get recognised for playing her – and also for my role in Knots Landing – the most.”

Constantly busy, Lar has her own skin care line, NVY – available on the LC Shopping channel – and is currently putting the finishing touches to a second acting book which looks at on-camera acting training. She has also written an autobiography entitled Lucky Girl.

Clearly very satisfied with her life at the moment, she concluded: “At my studio, Actors Audition Studios, I coach actors in acting skills, career creation and management. Everything from acting lessons, stellar auditions and role coaching for their film and TV projects.

“This has been a great passion of mine. Every role they win feels like a huge win for me too. I’ve just coached my daughter, Piper Lincoln, to winning a starring role she will shoot this summer in France, called The Barn. I also speak at events on acting, motivation and surviving.”

For more information on Lar Park Lincoln, visit her official website.

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