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Kevin Spirtas talks ‘After Forever’ on Amazon Prime, Emmy wins (Includes interview)

After Forever was named “Outstanding Digital Drama Series,” and Spirtas won the Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Digital Drama Series” for his portrayal of Brian Stone, and for “Outstanding Writing for a Digital Drama Series,” which he shared with co-creator and co-writer Michael Slade. “It has been a really wonderful ride. From the time that we started to see the show appeal to people, and seeing how people respond to it is very rewarding,” he said.

Spirtas continued, “We created the scripts and the storylines. Michael [Slade] wrote some really beautiful dialogue. It still affects me when I still see it each time. Michael is a master wordsmith and the best collaborator ever.”

On his 2019 Daytime Emmy Award wins, Spirtas said, “It felt great. It was a wonderful honor. We are thrilled with the response and people being touched by this program.”

Spirtas felt that the entire cast felt really connected to this piece, and they were wholeheartedly involved. He complimented Erin Cherry and Cady Huffman for their exquisite work in their supporting roles in the drama series. “Michael and I are so proud of this project. This is something we’ve created, and there’s a very different kind of satisfaction when your work is recognized,” he said.

“Nobody knows how to navigate grief until you are in it. You can only understand it if you’ve experienced it,” he said. “Love survives grief if you are willing to look for it.”

 After Forever  on Amazon Prime

‘After Forever’ on Amazon Prime
Denice Duff

He foreshadowed that there will be a second season of the critically-acclaimed digital drama series After Forever. “There is a great sigh of fulfillment,” he admitted.

When asked how he handles being dialogue-heavy, Spirtas responded, “I have always been okay with memorization. A lot of it came through Michael and me, so most of it came from within me. As an actor, I go into the person’s mindset and take it from there. If the writing is really good, the lines flow naturally.”

Digital transformation of the entertainment industry

Regarding the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Spirtas said, “The business has changed as a result of all the opportunities that so many platforms are available to us. We are allowed as creators to put something out and to create something that we feel is honest and personally important. That opportunity comes from the ability to create content and place it on a platform.”

“I know the world is changing and the business is constantly reinventing itself. The World Wide Web is the Wild Wild West. There is always something new. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to play in the playground,” he added.

The show’s theme song, “My Forever,” was written by Craig Martin De Silva and performed by Lio Nicol. “Craig felt absolutely connected to the material, and he wrote this beautiful song,” he said.

Spirtas defined the word success as a “lot of priorities, perseverance, and patience with as little panic as possible.” “Success is really about going for the process vs. the product. It is about putting your best foot forward and being authentic,” he said.

For After Forever viewers and fans, he concluded, “Thank you for supporting us. I hope all of the fans will continue to watch us once we dive into season two. We are going to learn more about how he is handling his grief and that’s where the story is really going to turn. Jason is still very present. Just because people die, doesn’t mean that the relationship is ended. Communication with people doesn’t end. Michael [Slade] sculpted those conversations very beautifully.”

“My Forever,” performed by Lio Nicol and written by Craig Martin De Silva, is available on iTunes and on Amazon Music.

To learn more about After Forever, check out its official website.

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