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Kevin Sorbo talks ‘Bernie The Dolphin,’ projects, future, success (Includes interview)

Bernie The Dolphin will be released on December 7. “I filmed that one last year, and it comes out on December 7 in theaters. They approached me and I read the script. I thought it was a fun part and I enjoy doing family movies,” he said. “Lionsgate is distributing it. They loved it so much that they ordered a sequel. While the movie is coming out, I will be filming the sequel. It is kind of funny.”

For Sorbo, Let There Be Light was a true family affair. “My wife, Sam, actually wrote it, and a friend, Dan Gordon, came in and did a re-write on it. My wife stars opposite me and my two boys are in it,” he said. “It did very well in theaters last October, and people can get a screening on Amazon and now in Walmart. It’s a great stocking stuffer so I hope people check it out.”

Sorbo also directed Let There Be Light. “I started directing back in the Hercules years. When the project came to me, I decided right then and there to direct it and I had a wonderful time,” he said. “I have another movie that I just finished directing in Calgary, Canada, called Miracle in East Texas, and it is based on a true story set in 1930 about the oil rush during the depression in America.”

On his daily motivations, Sorbo said, “I love the business. I don’t like the politics of the business, nor the jealousy and the anger. I love being on a movie set and I love working with creative people. Ever since I was 11, I wanted to be an actor, so here I am.”

He revealed that he has three more movies coming out in 2019, which include The Reliant, as well as his very own Miracle in East Texas and One Nation Under God.

Sorbo’s advice for aspiring actors is “to get involved in acting classes and to get a commercial agent.” “Get out there and work hard. You need to keep plugging away. I’m a 13-year overnight success,” he said. “You need to be professional and you need to have a good work ethic.”

Digital transformation of the film and TV industry

On the impact of technology on the entertainment business, Sorbo said, “Technology is the way things are going. Disney has pulled off from Amazon and Netflix, and now they are going to follow the same formula to create a streaming service for Disney. Obviously, Disney has a huge library of content. Technology is going to shake things up with how studios and networks have to operate.”

Regarding his scripts, Sorbo said, “First I read the first 20 pages online to see if I like them. For movies that I actually do, I enjoy hard copies of scripts. I am old school and I like making notes on them. I like the book in my hand.”

Sorbo defined the word success within the industry as “applying yourself and not letting people sense your limitations.” “Success is being proud of the things that you do,” he concluded.

For more information on esteemed actor and producer Kevin Sorbo, check out his official website, and Facebook page.

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