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Kevin Needham is a name to remember

Kevin Needham
Photo courtesy Kevin Needham / Thomas Herd
Photo courtesy Kevin Needham / Thomas Herd

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It is incredibly hard to become an actor.

Not only can the road to becoming an actor be rough and strenuous, but there is also uncertainty. Most folks start with a dream and end up only discouraged by the rigor and demanding hours. Some actors/actresses make it big, end up wealthy and have an Oscar as a roommate. While others do not have the same fate and end up never reaching their big breakthrough. 

There are certain characteristics one must possess in order to become an actor: flexible with time, tolerance to criticism, and a competitive edge. All of these qualities can dictate whether you are cut out for this coveted profession. Kevin Needham embodies all the above qualities with mastery. 

Needham has been patient with his craft as an actor, accumulating nearly 10 years of experience in this profession. His consistency in his efforts are exemplified in the way he memorizes tough scripts. Memorizing an audition script can be tough and daunting for most actors. However, Kevin Neddham does it with ease. He enters every audition with the script memorized to warrant freedom of movement and expression. He brings an electric charisma to every character he auditions for by presenting a sense of charm.

Additionally, he exhibits a growth mindset by being tolerant to criticism. All actors have faced their string of rejections. In order to survive the acting industry, you must learn to grow “thick skin” and continue to put yourself out there. But anyone who’s had a series of disappointments can tell you that sometimes, it isn’t easy to let it go and to not take it personally. However, this isn’t the case for Needham. Despite numerous rejections, he elaborates that “Perseverance is my mindset” and “I also go through life, knowing there will be setbacks and failures, but I continue pushing regardless”.

Kevin’s competitive edge was instilled in him early on. He grew up in a dynamic atmosphere in Nebraska, where he played Division I basketball at Hofstra University under a fully paid scholarship. Despite having strong future prospects in basketball, Needham decided to pursue his lifelong dream: becoming a prominent actor. This edge has paid dividends in his acting career, as he was able to work alongside Hollywood mentors such as Rob Reiner and Joe Montello. Moreover, he enjoyed working with esteemed producer, Ryan Murphy. 

Overall, his success in acting speaks volumes, as he has landed roles in several high-profile films and TV shows. He has secured roles in films like Hard Sell and Audition, as well as the Emmy nominated TV drama The Accidental Wolf and Netflix’s new hit drama Hollywood

In order to prepare for a career in this space, one must be tactical, put in the necessary hours into refining their craft, focus on a long term strategy, and have a sense of the opportunities they can create. Kevin exemplifies all these with qualities with a natural ability.

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