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Kate Watson opens up about ‘Killer Advice’ film on Lifetime (Includes interview)

“I have done several Lifetime movies, but this is probably one of my favorites,” she said. “This is a very different film than Her Deadly Groom, which came out in July. Once I read the script, I decided to do another Lifetime film.”

“This movie is different, unique and it tackles the delicate subject matter of mental health and trauma,” she added. “It was definitely a challenge and an undertaking to do a role like this, but it allowed me to stretch my wings and embrace places that I haven’t gone to before.”

Killer Advice is darker than Her Deadly Groom, and it’s more of a psychological thriller,” she added.

When Beth, played by Watson, suffers a traumatic attack, her family and friends suggest she see Marsha, a therapist (Meredith Thomas) to help her cope; however, the new therapist gives her more than she bargained for. “I wanted to tackle this subject matter really seriously,” she admitted. “I wanted to play Beth very raw and vulnerable.”

“Working with Meredith was great. She plays our unexpected therapist, who may not have had our best interests,” she said. “Meredith is serious about her work, and shooting at a fast pace. She was fun.”

Watson stars in Killer Advice alongside Thomas, Eric Roberts, Steve Richard Harris, Gigi Gustin, and Keith Sutliff in the Jared Cohn-directed thriller.

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “Be truthful to who you are. It is very easy to get into this industry with the expectations of conforming and being certain characters.”

“The most important aspect of you is to be truthful. Also, encourage your fellow actors, especially now that there is work for all of us. We need to celebrate and support each other since it’s a very isolating and lonely business. We need more celebration as opposed to competition,” she elaborated.

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