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Karla Mosley talks ‘A Holiday Lift,’ ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (Includes interview)

She starred as Holly in A Holiday Lift opposite Blake Cooper Griffin who played Dean, which was directed by Louise Alston and based on the short story by Corinne Michaels. “It was so much fun. It was great to work with Blake, I felt really safe working with him,” she admitted. “This was my first project back to work after the pandemic hit. It was a great day of filming.”

Mosley opened up about the digital series Wed-Locked, which she produced and created with The Bold and The Beautiful co-star Lawrence Saint-Victor back in 2009. “That was a really special project,” she said. “It was my mom’s idea to do it, and it continued to live on. It embodies the sweetness that Lawrence and I both share. We’ve also both grown and we’ve both had life happen between 2009 and now. We actually both had kids a couple of days of each other, which is amazing. He and I work so easily as well.”

She had nothing but the kindest remarks about working with Emmy winner Jacob Young on The Bold and The Beautiful. “Jacob is a dream,” she said. “Jacob is such a stellar actor and he gives so much, and he cares so much. Both of us are hard workers. If I would throw a ball, he would catch it and vice versa. I love Jacob’s music too.”

When asked how she handled being dialogue-heavy in the daytime drama world, she noted that the “brain is a muscle.” “I’ve been in the theater for so long and then I did a kids show where we shot five episodes a week over the course of two days, and then I did Guiding Light and then, The Bold and The Beautiful. I’ve always been in situations where I was handed a lot of material and I had to process it quickly. That become a super-power in a way,” she said.

On the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “The sky’s the limit.” “I really feel that way. I’m a mother and that has made my acting and my emotional capacity so much deeper, I’m producing, and I have a production company,” she explained.

“I also have a podcast called The Risking Space, where I talk to people about the risks that they take in their art. I’ve had a lot of loss in my life and that has made me realize how important the moment is and that there is nothing to lose. Just go for it. My word for this year is ‘power’ and I am ready to step into my full power as an artist,” she said.

Mosley defined the word success as joy, being challenged in positive ways, and learning new things.

For her fans and supporters, she expressed her appreciation. “Thank you. I am blown away by the stories that I hear about what people go through in their lives. I am blown away by their generosity and it keeps me going. I have an immense amount of gratitude,” she said.

To learn more about actress Karla Mosley, check out her official website, and follow her on Instagram and on Twitter.

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Blake Cooper Griffin and Karla Mosley in  A Holiday Lift

Blake Cooper Griffin and Karla Mosley in ‘A Holiday Lift’
Photo Courtesy of Passionflix

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