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Karl Wolf talks about his single ‘No Privacy’ and his 2022 Juno nomination

Artist Karl Wolf chatted about his new single “No Privacy,” his 2022 Juno nomination, and he shared his future plans.

Karl Wolf
Karl Wolf. Photo Credit: Lane Dorsey
Karl Wolf. Photo Credit: Lane Dorsey

Internationally-recognized recording artist Karl Wolf chatted about his new single “No Privacy,” his 2022 Juno nomination, and he shared his future plans.

On his new single “No Privacy,” he said, “This song is an adaptation of Rockwell’s 1984 classic ‘Somebody’s Watching Me,’ it seems like it was a window into our present time as we’re being listened to or watched/monitored more than ever before. With cell phones and devices like Google Home or Alexa, It certainly feels like our privacy is being compromised with each tech advances.”

Regarding his future plans, he said, “Making Music will always be my first love; however, I’ve been diving into the decentralized world of NFTs and Crypto lately. Recently took the position of Official Advisor of Musical Talents for ‘NFT Bazl’. I have also been asked to be the head of a record company with some major distribution affiliations.”

He also opened up about his cover of “Omicron Queen.” “This song was a complete honest reaction to the way these lockdowns have gone these past two years and the frustrations that many felt. I just happened to know how to connect these frustrations and make them laughable and musical,” he explained.

Wolf is thrilled about his 2022 Juno nomination. “It feels amazing to be nominated again after 11 years, and this time, for the Dance Recording genre! I’m just honored to be able to get the nod from the industry once again in a completely new genre for me, which took form during the pandemic during my 2AM Vibes TikTok posts,” he said.

If he were to have any superpower, he revealed that it would be to “prevent senseless wars.” “This hits close to home as my parents were directly affected by the civil war in Lebanon and it left them with very little,” he said.

For his fans and listeners, Wolf concluded, “Stream it and loop that! I always love taking classics and bringing them to a whole new audience.”

“No Privacy” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about global music star Karl Wolf, follow him on Instagram.

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