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Karl Wolf discusses new single ‘Way Low,’ Akon, remembers Avicii (Includes interview)

Regarding his new single “Way Low,” he said, “The song is amazing. I am really excited to have Nelly on board. My manager connected me with Nelly, and thought he would fit the sound. I wanted an uptempo, summery vibe and Nelly nailed it.”

He revealed that his new album will drop in September of 2018. “Right now, my whole focus is ‘Way Low.’ I feel the hook of the song is strong, and I love the simplicity of the hook. I hope the song grows worldwide.”

Wolf listed Akon as his dream collaboration choice in music. “We need Akon back. He had this hip-hop, R&B thing going,” he said. “Akon is a really good person.”

For aspiring singer-songwriters, Wolf encouraged them to be themselves, as well as to put their own influences in their own music. “Don’t be afraid to be different. We love different. Different is cool,” he said.

On the impact of technology on the music business, Wolf said, “I actually like it. There was a moment, right before Napster, when everything was fine and dandy. When Napster came about, everybody was freaking out since people were downloading music for free. I think Apple Music and Spotify are phenomenal. They quantify everything, and it’s a smart way to do things. I’ve been in the business for a decade now, so I was at the start of this digital movement, and they figured it out. I think it’s great,” he said.

Wolf took some time to pay his respects for the late Avicii. “Avicii was an innovator of our time. Musically, he pushed the boundaries. I really loved his sounds. They were nostalgic and incredible,” he said.

“Way Low” by Karl Wolf featuring Nelly is available on iTunes.

To learn more about Canadian music star Karl Wolf, check out his official website.

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