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Justin Flom talks magic, ‘Ellen,’ Florida Georgia Line and future (Includes interview)

Flom had nothing but the kindest words for television host Ellen DeGeneres and his multiple appearances on her hit television show. “Ellen is the sweetest and biggest magic fan that we have in culture right now. We are so lucky to have Ellen on television because she is highlighting new artists on her show, and she is just killing it for us,” he said. “Ellen picked her favorite tricks of mine, and my answer was ‘absolutely,’ and that is how it came about.”

This weekend, Flom will be touring with hit country duo Florida Georgia Line. “I am going back on the road with them until October. I love Florida Georgia Line,” he said. “About a year ago, I got to do a YouTube video with them, and they loved it so much, and they asked me to go on tour with them, and they were serious about it.”

He added, “I grew up in Minnesota and I spent a lot of time in Missouri, and I used to go out in the fields, ride some four wheelers and start some fires, and that’s what these guys are. After hanging out with them on stage and backstage and on the buses, these guys are the real deal all around, and that’s what I find so cool.”

Flom resides in Las Vegas, which he dubs as “the place to live if you are a magician.” “All of the magic creators and inventors live here in Las Vegas,” he said. “I get to hang out with these people and I am constantly getting a deeper education about magic. Even though I grew up doing magic, there are still things about magic that I don’t know, and I have to go to other experts. The only reason I have been so good is because I have the best teachers here in Las Vegas.”

He revealed that one of his favorite tricks is his “Oreo” magic trick. “Last night on Snapchat, I was showing my followers a new thing I am working on with an Oreo, where I can actually snap through it in mid-air with my finger,” he said.

Flom is extremely fond when his magic influences other aspiring magicians. In his personal life, he is celebrating his sixth year of marriage this week.

On his future plans, he said, “We are going to finish up this year doing these giant venues with Florida Georgia Line. We are always working on new concepts and magic tricks, and new concepts to share those magic tricks. We are working on a way where I can cut open a girl’s arm and pull something out of her arm, which will be a very interesting type of magic. In conjunction with that, we are trying to figure out a vehicle to share the magic. I am working on either new television concepts or YouTube concepts.”

“The Florida Georgia Line shows are so exciting, because no magician has ever done sleight of hand magic in giant arenas like Madison Square Garden, and that is really a new thing,” he concluded.

For more information on magician Justin Flom, check out his official website and on Facebook.

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