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‘Jurassic World’ to stomp over the competition

EARLIER: The world is ready for “Jurassic World.” That is the easy thing to say about that movie at the outset. The movie will be huge and a box office winner. That is true, but will the film actually work and be good?

While these reports are not reviews, one can wonder those things when doing a preview on the box office numbers. Judging from the early reviews, it will run down the line of special effects and no plot. That is the problem with these films of late and that sometimes means superhero movies are included, too. Even though they have great plots, they can get lost in the shuffle.

Box office money aside, many movies now rely on the effects and battles, and the armor, and leave out story lines that glue those together. One may not know if they are watching “Transformers” or “X-Men,” or even “Man of Steel.”

Others are finding it wonderful, so have at it and get out there and discuss.

But, the glut of effects and long fight scenes drowns out what should be emotion and plot development. When one loses the emotion of the movie, it is lost. When that happens, the usual thing heard is, “The special effects were great.” OK, but what about the actual movie?

1. “Jurassic World” – 4,237 theaters
2. “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” – 14 theaters

When “Jurassic Park” exploded in theaters in the 1990s, those effects mattered more. But, the story still mattered, too. “Jurassic World” is set to roll with Thursday premiere parties and much more all over the nation. Chris Pratt, who helped propel “Guardians of the Galaxy” to great heights, will do so with this one as well. He has the charm and the appeal to overcome anything on this one.

It is one of those review-proof movies. This is one people will go to simply escape and watch the effects. So, look for a monster opening weekend. Steven Spielberg is back for the next installment in the series. The PG-13 “Jurassic World” is more like a reboot than a continuing story, however, but will it play like that?

Universal actually teamed with Legendary to put this together.

But, projecting the three-day opening for it has not been easy. Just weeks, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was projected to take the three-day all-time crown. It did not but is still huge and was that opening weekend. “Jurassic World” could break the record or not. Huh? The estimates are all over, from $110 million and not a record, to $130-140 million and a new record.

No matter, it will stomp and roll over the rest of the field. It should as it is a known product. The world will be all about this movie this weekend. Let’s face it, the dinosaurs are the real stars and stomping and chowing is what people want to see.

The domestic box office is enjoying success but is getting outfoxed by the international numbers. Two movies out right now, “Furious 7” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” made the bulk of their money overseas and are perched in the top five of all-time, worldwide.

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But, that is a story for another report.

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