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Juan Pablo Di Pace of ‘Fuller House’ talks ‘Minutiae’ series (Includes interview)

On the YouTube series “Minutiae, he said, “It has been a blast. I literally used all the tricks in the basket with the series, especially with the very specific limitations that force us to be creative about this quarantine… what themes I talk about and how I shoot the show.”

He had nothing but the kindest remarks about working with Ariana Savalas. “Ariana is a dream come true, daughter of Telly Savalas, she has art flowing through her veins. She is the consummate performer, a cabaret artist who performs in stages around the world, and I got to explore the movie star aspect of her. There are very few people that can make you feel so much just with a look, who can be sassy and witty and still can cry so beautifully on the screen that you wish they cried non-stop. Ariana has all of that in spades,” he elaborated.

Regarding his plans for 2020 and beyond, he said, “I have just traveled to Madrid in the midst of the re-opening of airports to be with my folks which I hadn´t seen for six months. So while in Spain I´m developing more Minutiae episodes and a version of the show for television.”

Juan Pablo opened up about life during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It has been the ‘Corona-Coaster’ for me. A rollercoaster of ups and downs as, but with the saving grace of a show that holds me accountable, keeps me having to think of new ideas to make people laugh, which found its audience that expects me to deliver every Thursday without fail,” he said.

He shared that he sees a silver lining in this pandemic. “I think for some people it has put life into perspective: what we care about, what we pay attention to, and also what we waste our attention on. Confinement has magnified our ability to disconnect OR stay way too connected, to the point of obsession. I see it as an opportunity to look at our priorities and do something about it,” he said.

The Fuller House actor offered the following inspiring words to his fans during the COVID-19 pandemic: “If you feel down, let yourself be down, but the moment that the feeling is subsiding, pick yourself up and go for a walk. The most interesting ideas happen when you´re moving, so a hike or a stroll around your neighborhood can literally change your life in minutes, it can give you your next brilliant idea that you haven´t been able to put into thought because you were too stagnated at home.”

For his fans, he concluded about “Minutiae,” “I would like to urge them to watch it. We all need to watch shows that take us out of the ordinary, that is not too dark or that simply make us laugh at ourselves. It is a show about an overly imaginative and optimistic character whose virtual interactions with the worst therapist on the planet, and a colorful array of characters, smash him right back down to earth. It’s Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Disney´s Fantasia with too much time to think.”

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