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Josie Dunne talks new single and music video for ‘Old School’ (Includes interview)

On her new single “Old School,” she said, “I wrote that song in Los Angeles, and that was the first song that I wrote that was totally the sound that I wanted. It was super fun and bubbly, and it was a representation of who I was, musically. I am super proud of that song. It is my favorite song I have ever written.”

In her song’s music video, for “Old School,” Dunne is telling her parent’s love story, which is quite remarkable. “They were born five days apart, and lived two blocks away from each other, and went to high school together, and got married after college. They had such a cool story, and I wanted my actual parents and my actual home to be in the video. That was such a fun experience,” she said.

Dunne is stoked with the fact that she has signed with Atlantic Records. “The team is so great, and it is such a historic label. They have some of my old heroes on their label,” she said. “To be on the same list as them is really surreal.”

On her plans for 2018, Dunne shared, “Releasing more music. Hopefully, this year, I will be doing more music videos and touring.”

Her biggest musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Etta James and The Supremes. “I also grew up on Britney Spears, N SYNC and Backstreet Boys,” she said. “I took the heart and the soul that comes from a retro song and bring that into a fun pop song.”

Speaking of Stevie Wonder, Dunne listed him as her dream male duet choice, along with global music star Ed Sheeran.

For aspiring singer-songwriters, she encouraged them to keep writing. “My songwriting has really been my development. I found who I was so much in connecting with what I wrote. Write a million songs, even if 90 percent of them are bad, you still have that 10 percent that are good,” she said.

Dunne revealed that she connects vinyl records. “I collect vinyl actually,” she admitted. “It has a warmer, fuller sound, and you get the fuzz with it. I love putting the record on, hanging out and listening to the whole thing. My bedroom has four walls of vinyl records on the wall. It’s really cool!”

Digital transformation of music business

On the impact of technology on the music business, Dunne said, “To me, it’s so exciting because now more than ever , you can get to know an artist because of the technology. There is so much space to be creative and creating content in different fields. This music video was so fun because it was so collaborative between me and the directors. We planned everything frame by frame. Now, more than ever, I’m listened to in terms of being creative in all these different avenues such as videos, photos and artwork. There is so much space to be creative in so many different visual ways, which is fun.”

With technology, Dunne puts up cover videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. “I like to keep people hearing my sound, and hearing me cover some of their favorite songs too. It has been fun,” she said.

To learn more about Atlantic recording artist Josie Dunne, check out her official Facebook page, and website.

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