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Join the battle of the living and the undead in Undeads Metaverse

he key to the success of Undeads Metaverse is its potential to engage players from both traditional gaming and true fans of survival and MMORPG games.

Image via Undeads Metaverse
Image via Undeads Metaverse

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Art imitating life has always been a form of expression and video games are no exception; viruses, global catastrophes and post-apocalyptic themes are re-emerging in a post-pandemic world. The team at Undeads Metaverse want to take the undead-esque theme to the next level. 

The year 2035 is a turning point in human history as the world is thrown into chaos by the escape of a bioweapon virus, HÈL, from Rubicon Labs in New Arc City. The virus, designed to enhance human physical and mental capabilities, has taken on a life of its own and infected different people differently. Some people have turned into mindless predators with an insatiable hunger for flesh, while others have retained their intellect but with an added thirst for flesh. The lucky few have even acquired specific mental and psychosomatic abilities. A familiar theme with a web3 twist. 

In the world of crypto gaming, the focus is usually on winning money rather than the actual gameplay. This has resulted in poor game design and lacklustre experiences for players. 

However, Undeads Metaverse is set to change all that. The key to the success of Undeads Metaverse is its potential to engage players from both traditional gaming and true fans of survival and MMORPG games. With the option to purchase a low-cost off-chain hero with limited capabilities and the ability to upgrade to NFTs, newcomers to the game are encouraged to join the fun. The crafting, fighting, and trading opportunities available in the game add to the excitement and keep players engaged for extended periods.

With 12 types of playable NFTs, a multi-layered structure of engaging activities, and NFT-free access for newcomers, Undeads is poised to be the flagship product in the crypto gaming industry. There are a very limited number of land plots available, with five grades of land representing different levels of rarity. The rarity level of the land plots will determine the pattern of the city and the type of buildings that can be constructed. This adds another layer of complexity to the game, encouraging players to work together to create the best possible cityscape. The game world has the potential to be scalable while remaining unique. The development team always keep in mind both expansion and value when looking to grow the Undeads Metaverse. 

The dual gameplay means that players in each faction have differing features, skills, and professions. The above-ground city with humans and the underground lairs with zombies are connected in a single world where crypto earnings are the core of the gameplay.

Undeads Metaverse is revolutionizing the crypto gaming industry with its innovative gameplay, engaging activities, and mechanics to build digital ownership. With the option for NFT-free access, newcomers to the game can get a taste of what the world has to offer before committing to the more advanced NFTs. The dual gameplay and unique features of the human and zombie factions provide players with a rich and diverse gaming experience.

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