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Jill Wagner talks about ‘A Merry Christmas Wish’ and ‘Lioness’

Acclaimed actress Jill Wagner chatted about her new original holiday film “A Merry Christmas Wish” and “Lioness,” the new series she created and stars in.

Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison in 'A Merry Christmas Wish'
Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison in 'A Merry Christmas Wish.' Photo Courtesy of Great American Media
Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison in 'A Merry Christmas Wish.' Photo Courtesy of Great American Media

Acclaimed actress Jill Wagner chatted about her new original holiday film “A Merry Christmas Wish” and “Lioness,” the new series she created and stars in.

‘A Merry Christmas Wish’

The film was directed by Bradley Walsh. It will premiere on Saturday, November 12th on Great American Family. Wagner stars as Janie opposite Cameron Mathison, who plays Dylan.

“It was such a great film,” she said. “I am a huge Cameron Mathison fan. Just getting to work with him I found him to be awesome, a really cool guy, and a talented actor. His humor and wit are really on, he is super funny. Everybody on that set, the crew, and the director, were all great. I hope that everything translates through the film.”

In “A Merry Christmas Wish,” a New York City advertising executive, Janie (Jill Wagner) returns to her hometown to sell the family farm, but instead reconnects with her childhood friend and gets involved with organizing the yearly “Winter Wonderland,” which takes place on the property.

Janie returns to her hometown of Woodland Falls when her great-uncle passes away. He surprises Janie with a special gift: the family homestead, her childhood home.

“I am honored that this is on Great American Family,” Wagner said.” I am a huge Bill Abbott fan. Bill has been my champion and I am a super loyal person. I respect him, he has given me freedom in the films that I have done and that’s what I love to do. Bill respects my opinion, and as a female in the industry, I think that’s pretty special.”

“This movie is such a sweet little story,” she admitted. “For some people, there is some sadness that comes with the holidays and this film starts off with Janie going back to the farm, and it’s not because of a happy reason. Dylan helped her in this movie, which is all about honoring her great uncle who had passed. I tried to bring as much realism to it as I could. I want people to feel good.”

‘Farm and Family with Jill Wagner’

In addition, she hosts “Farm and Family with Jill Wagner” on Great American Community. In this lifestyle series, she gives a beautiful glimpse into her life living on a farm in Nashville, including tours of her property, working out, family life, and Soulful Sundays.

“It has been great, such a cool thing they are doing at Great American Community,” she said. “For me, my family and my farm are paramount in my life. It was such a cool concept that I haven’t seen done before, and I am happy that they asked me to be a part of it.”

“Farm and Family with Jill Wagner” is all-new on Wednesdays and Sundays following its premiere on September 26.

On being an artist and content creator in the digital age, Wagner said, “It’s great. I always respect technology. I’m not very good in this whole world. I look at kids these days and how they create their content and it just seems like so much work, they are little filmmakers in their own rights. Some kids online are really talented. I’m a little bit old school.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of her life, Wagner said, “Planes, trains, and automobiles.” “I have so much going on right now, professionally and personally. My life is at its best point and I am super happy but I am very busy,” she said.


She is working o the spy drama series “Lioness” with Taylor Sheridan of “Yellowstone.” “I am in Maryland filming that right now. I am working hard on that. It has been a passion project of mine,” she said.

“My husband and I have been a part of the genesis of this project and Taylor Sheridan has taken it to where it is right now. It is an honor to be on this project as well,” she added.


On her definition of the word success, Wagner said, “Success means happiness. If you can lead a happy life, you have led a successful life. Being truly happy in life is the most important thing.”

To learn more about Jill Wagner, follow her on Instagram.

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