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Jessica Carter Altman talks about her new album ‘Aftermath’

Jessica Carter Altman chatted about her debut studio album “Aftermath,” which will be released on Friday, June 14.

Jessica Carter Altman
Jessica Carter Altman. Photo Credit: Max Botticelli
Jessica Carter Altman. Photo Credit: Max Botticelli

Jessica Carter Altman chatted about her debut studio album “Aftermath,” which will be released on Friday, June 14.

Music and entertainment run in her bloodline. Her mother is veteran actress Lynda Carter (“Wonder Woman”) and former Miss World USA.

“Getting ready to release this album on Friday feels awesome,” she exclaimed. “It has been a long time  coming, so it will be great to get it out to the world.

Song selection approach for the album

On the song selection process, she said, “We wrote about 40 songs and we just picked out favorite 10, which we decided to record.”

“We had so much fun creating all of the treatments for these songs, and it was a fun creative exploration. It was a little sandbox that we got into to create this album; it was really fun,” she explained.

Favorite song on the CD

She noted that her favorite song on the record “changes constantly.” “I love them all… they all have a different story and a different piece of my heart… Right now, I am really excited for ‘Flashback’ to come out… It’s a really fun pop song… I just did a music video for it and I’ve been performing it a lot lately. It is so much fun and a total escapist song.”

‘Clumsy (Wedding Version)’

“Also, ‘Clumsy’ is very special and it holds a special place in my heart,” she said. “I wrote it for my husband… and it has two versions… a wedding version and another one that will be on the album.

“I’ve always been a clumsy person,” she admitted. “I trip over cracks on the sidewalk and I almost knock everything over all the time… those qualities don’t get better when you really like somebody and when you are falling in love.”

“Nobody has those graceful first date stories… everybody is a little awkward and clumsy… and falling in love is not always as beautiful and graceful as one may think to believe. It is so perfect in terms of its clumsiness so that is what the song is all about. It’s about being clumsy in love,” she elaborated.

‘Fake It’

She also noted that the song “Fake It” is another favorite of hers, especially since it “combines her old world of law and her new world of music.” “That is really fun,” she admitted.

Lessons learned from this album

“This album taught me that it’s always better to be authentic and true to yourself… it doesn’t do any good to compare yourself to others, she said.

“Just enjoy the ride,” she admitted. “Doing this album has been such a labor of love… I couldn’t believe that I had the privilege to do it. I got to work with an unbelievable producer and writers. I also got to perform it across the country. There is no part of this journey that I would take back… It has been really incredible.

Troubadour show in Los Angeles

On June 17, she will be performing at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

“I am excited for this show at the Troubadour because it’s an iconic venue with rich history to it,” she said.

“ I am playing with two amazing artists, so it will be an amazing night of music and celebration.”

She will be performing her whole album as well as her songs from prior EPs. “It will be such a fun night of music,” she said. “My band is unbelievably talented… They are extraordinary and I am so humbled to get to play with them. There could not be a better celebration for my first album.”

Closing thoughts on her new album

For her fans and listeners, she remarked, “I hope that people can see themselves in some of these songs, and feel seen and know that they are not alone. For the fun songs, I hope they are able to provide some fun escapism.”

“I hope people feel inspired, and it hope it helps people if they are going through a difficult time,” she concluded.

“Aftermath” is available for pre-order on digital service providers by clicking here.

To learn more about Jessica Carter Altman, follow her on Instagram.

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