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Jesse Thompson talks about his ‘Late Nite’ single with Judah Sealy

Jesse Thompson, composer, pianist and keyboardist, chatted about his new single “Late Nite,” where he collaborates with Judah Sealy.

Jesse Thompson
Jesse Thompson. Photo Courtesy of Tom Estey Publicity and Promotion
Jesse Thompson. Photo Courtesy of Tom Estey Publicity and Promotion

Jesse Thompson, composer, pianist and keyboardist, chatted about his new single “Late Nite,” where he collaborates with Judah Sealy.

‘Late Nite’ single

On the idea for “Late Nite,” he said, “I worked with producer and guitarist Adam Hawley and saxophonist Judah Sealy to make the song ‘Late Nite’ as a tribute to my music legacy.”

Working with Judah Sealy

Thompson opened up about working with Judah Sealy on this track. “Working with Judah helped me understand his blend of R&B, jazz, gospel, neo-soul, and funk influences. His saxophone style, inspired by Kirk Whalum and Boney James, added soul to our collaboration,” Thompson said.

Music and songwriting inspirations

On his music and songwriting inspirations, he said, “My musical inspiration comes from many sources, including my family members, who are musicians. Legends like The Ohio Players, Lakeside, and Zapp, featuring Roger Troutman, have greatly influenced my journey.”

Future plans

When asked about his future plans, he revealed, “Moving forward, I aim to release songs that connect emotionally with my audience as I establish myself as a solo artist.”

The digital age

On being an artist in the digital age, at a time when streaming and social media are so prevalent, he said, “Collaboration with other musicians and exploring new musical styles are also on my agenda. In this era of platforms, streaming services, and social media, I find the prospect of exploring these realms quite exciting.”

“These technological advancements have truly changed how artists like me can connect with an audience and engage directly with our fans. They also offer many opportunities and new ways to share my music on a large scale,” he added.

Advice for young and aspiring musicians

For young and aspiring musicians, he said, “To all the musicians striving to make their mark, I urge you to remain dedicated to improving your skills and staying true to your artistic vision.”

“Discovering your unique voice and artistic identity while embracing collaboration and drawing inspiration from various sources is essential,” he added.


Regarding his definition of success, he said, “Real success lies in resonating with my listeners and evoking emotions through my creations. It transcends achievements, delving into the realm of touching lives through artistry. I measure my success by making an impact and leaving behind a legacy in the music industry.”

Closing thoughts on ‘Late Nite’

For his fans and listeners, he remarked, “I invite all listeners of “Late Nite” to join me on a voyage through the soulful world of jazz. It’s a unique spot where melodies convey deep emotions. Every tone matters. Every piece narrates a tale.”

“When, I perform, my passion overflows into the rhythm. I bring the tunes to life. This is my way of expressing feelings to you. Join in and experience the rhythms of jazz. Let the warm, resonating music sway you,” he elaborated.

“Together, we will embark on this melodious adventure. I aim to convey emotions and craft a profound musical journey for all who listen,” he concluded.

To learn more about Jesse Thompson, check out his official website and follow him on Instagram.

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