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Jennifer Smestad opens up about ‘Can’t Have Mine’ country single (Includes interview)

Jennifer Smestad - Markos Papadatos
Jennifer Smestad - Markos Papadatos

She remarked, “‘Can’t Have Mine’ is about being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t value your time and commitment, but also realizing that you deserve better than to continue being strung along by that person. This song was written based on real, personal experiences.”

Smestad continued, “One of the co-writers, Shelby Darrall came into the write that day with the idea, ‘you took your time, now you can’t have mine,’ which was inspired by something she had gone through. The other co-writer (Noby Sidez) and I loved the idea, so we began the writing process.”

“It was easy for me to relate because I felt that exact way in previous relationships. I placed myself back in those moments and poured those emotions into the song. I’d say the lyrics and melodies came to us pretty naturally and quickly,” she added.

Regarding her music and songwriting inspirations, she said, “When my head is buried in work and feeling like I ‘need’ to write songs, I’m not as inspired. When I allow myself to enjoy life outside of music and work, my mind is more relaxed, and my creativity spikes. Song ideas are usually inspired by conversations with friends, enjoying nature, reading, relationships, family, my place in life, and everyday occurrences.”

On being an artist in the digital age, she said, “The digital world allows more opportunities for my music and messages to be heard, and I feel very grateful for that. Without the digital world, I’m not sure people would have stumbled across my songs and been touched by my lyrics. Having listeners in Australia, Germany, Canada, and all throughout the globe is surreal.”

She opened up about life during the quarantine. “I definitely see a silver lining. If I didn’t, I would be going crazy (or crazier than I already have been… I’ve both struggled and grown in my faith during this time, and I’m continuously learning to place my career and life in God’s hands. I have been extremely blessed in how my music career has taken off during a pandemic, but there is still so much uncertainty that is out of my control. Once I finally realized that and gave up my control, it felt so freeing,” she said.

Regarding the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “Enjoy the Journey.” “Anytime I’m stressed out or thinking too far into the future to where I’m not even enjoying the present moment, my dad reminds me to “enjoy the journey”. It may sound cliche, but it’s one of the truest statements I’ve heard, and it reminds me to slow down and be grateful for what I have now,” she said.

She listed Dierks Bentley and Lewis Capaldi as her dream collaboration choices in music. “Dierks and I are both from Arizona, both in country music, and both love aviation (I come from a family of pilots), so that would be the coolest country collab to me,” she exclaimed.

“Lewis Capaldi’s voice is insane, and his personality is gold. I see this duet being a beautiful country-pop crossover song, and I have a feeling it would be very emotional and heartfelt — he does a great job at that,” she added.

On her definition of success, she said, “Success to me means setting goals, achieving goals, and setting more goals all while maintaining good mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and then thanking God at the end of the day. Dreams don’t really come true if you’re miserable while living out those dreams.”

Smestad concluded about “Can’t Have Mine,” “Go listen. I hope this song, first of all, brings comfort to anyone going through something similar in knowing that they aren’t alone. Second, I hope it empowers those same people to know their worth and know they deserved to be loved wholeheartedly.”

“Can’t Have Mine” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

Jennifer Smestad

Jennifer Smestad
Ryan Noble

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Markos Papadatos is Digital Journal's Editor-at-Large for Music News. Papadatos is a Greek-American journalist and educator that has authored over 15,000 original articles over the past 15 years. He is a consecutive five-time "Best of Long Island" winner that has won such categories as "Best Author," "Best Blogger," "Best Poet," "Best Twitter Account" and the coveted "Best Long Island Personality" twice.

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