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Jeff Timmons opens up about music, pandemic, family and fans (Includes interview)

At the moment, Timmons is hard at work on new songs in his home studio, and he is getting his fans and listeners involved in his projects by asking them for their virtual feedback on the tracks. “I figured this would be something cool to do because everyone has time on their hands,” he said. “I wanted to give people a sneak peek on how the process works and you let them feel like they are participating in it. That gives me better insights on what people like. To me, it is very very interesting.”

During this pandemic, Timmons has a special affinity for New York, a city that has been so good to him and 98 Degrees. “To see New York suffering these hardships is really hard for me. We got signed in New York and it jump-started our career. New York started it all for us and the support from the East Coast fans helped catapult our success,” he said.

Looking back, a proud moment for 98 Degrees was being a part of the Mulan soundtrack with “True to Your Heart,” where they collaborated with living music legend Stevie Wonder. “Doing a song with Stevie Wonder was a dream coming into fruition. It doesn’t get better than that. It was such an honor and such a blessing to be a part of a great project like that. It was just an amazing experience for us,” he said.

His youngest daughter, Ariahuna Timmons, made the spotlight as she was recently featured in ET Canada. “It was great for her to be a part of that. She’s fantastic,” he said and he shared that his step-son, Ashten, just celebrated his 14th birthday.

His son, Jeff, is a gifted gamer in his own right. “He’s a very prolific gamer, he’s nailing it, and he has his own clothing line. I am proud of all the children. All of the kids are turning out great,” he said. “For all of them to be happy and healthy and to have ambitions is a success story. My goal has always been to be a really good dad and husband. Hopefully, that is going to keep going in that direction,” he added.

The 98 Degrees founding member praised the talent of actor and musician Machine Gun Kelly, who hails from Cleveland, Ohio. “Machine Gun Kelly is very gifted and he has a ton of energy. He played Tommy Lee in the Mötley Crüe biopic, The Dirt, and he was great in it. He is a real gem of a guy, and I am proud and pleased to know that he is from Ohio,” he said.

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He also complimented Las Vegas journalist and blogger Sam Novak (who recently penned the article Vegas Goes Dark: – The Beginning of the End…or a New Beginning?). “Sam Novak is great. He is a good guy with tremendous insights, and he has been a big supporter for a long time. I’m a big fan of his as well,” he said.

For his loyal 98 Degrees fans, he concluded, “It is important for people to know that there is a lot of positivity going around. Try to see the silver lining in all this: cultivate new relationships and rekindle old ones. Keep the faith. We appreciate the fans more than ever, and we hope to see them sooner rather than later.”

To learn more about Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, follow him on Twitter and on Instagram.

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