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Jamie Martin Mann talks about ‘Country Comfort’ series on Netflix (Includes interview)

Jamie Martin Mann - Markos Papadatos
Jamie Martin Mann - Markos Papadatos

Mann stars as Brody opposite Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian in the new Netflix family musical comedy series Country Comfort, which premieres tomorrow on March 19. “That was so fun,” he admitted. “It was an incredible time.”

“It was amazing working with Eddie Cibrian. He is such a wonderful actor, an awesome dude, and he was super good on set,” he said. “All of the cast members love each other, and we got to know each other well on set.”

He is drawn to Brody for many reasons. “Brody has some insecurities and he’s a little self-conscious and it’s fun to play that into his character since it allows him to grow. I can compare to Brody since I had some of the same insecurities, and I have learned how to cope with those and find myself as a person. That was my favorite part of playing him,” he said.

Mann was one of the only boys in his ballet classes and now he is transitioning to the series Country Comfort. “Being the only boy in my ballet class was definitely a challenge but I was able to overcome it and I continued loving what I was doing, and that helped solidify the passion that I have for the performing arts. I just kept training and getting better and went on to have better and better experiences,” he said.

He is a young actor, singer, and dancer who has performed as Billy Elliot Off-Broadway. “Billy was a dream role of mine so that was an awesome experience,” he admitted. “The role is very fulfilling overall and I got to play him in four different productions. I feel very lucky that I have gotten to play that role.”

Mann acknowledged that playing Billy Elliott was a career-defining moment. “I learned a lot about myself as an actor since it was a very demanding role,” he said. “It made me realize that this was the career that I wanted to follow.”

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On being an artist in the digital age, he said, “It is really exciting. I have never been on a TV show before and I have had a really amazing time. I feel super lucky to have had that experience.”

He listed Meryl Streep, Mila Kunis, Eugene Levy, and Daniel Levy, as his dream acting partners in the business.

For young and aspiring entertainers, he said, “Try to find the joy in the work that you are doing and feel fulfilled with the small successes that you have. The big successes are hard to come by. Find the excitement and the fulfillment in going to class every day and learning about your craft.”

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “Sticking to my roots.” “Even though the show is coming out tomorrow, I am trying to maintain normalcy because that is important to me,” he said.

Mann defined the word success as simply “finding the joy in the small things.”

For viewers and fans, he concluded about Country Comfort, “I really love this show, it’s an incredible family show so that makes it special in its own way. I am excited for everybody to see it on Netflix.”

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To learn more about actor, singer, and dancer Jamie Martin Mann, check out his official website, and follow him on Instagram.

Jamie Martin Mann
Jamie Martin Mann
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