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Jade Albany talks ‘The Right Stuff’ on Disney+ and ’68 Whiskey’ (Includes interview)

“It was an absolute dream come true,” she said about The Right Stuff on Disney+. “I loved my character Rene Carpenter from the moment I read the description she was so different from the other wives. She is so driven in her own endeavors and not just those of her husband. I loved how she stood out from the crowd.”

She also spoke about her experience in 68 Whiskey. “It was special to me when I booked my first American TV series I was only a few weeks out of leaving for bootcamp to join the military myself. And that love for the military and serving ones country has always stayed in my mind,” she said.

“I have such high admiration for anyone that is serving and their families so I always hoped to book something military based. in 68 Whiskey, I play a nurse and got to work closely with some real 68 whiskeys which was really special,” she added.

Regarding her daily motivations as an actress, she said, “Every little success, every little step forward or even those steps sideways is what motivates me. When you book a job the years of struggle disappear in the blink of an eye. The happiness I feel every single day when i’m on set motivates me. All I want is to live that 365 days a year so each day motivates me to book the next job to get back to that on set feeling.

On being an actress in the digital age, she remarked, “Being able to reach a larger audience at nearly the exact same time is exciting but also a little bit nervous. Everybody is watching you at the same time so hopefully, I’m making them smile and entertaining them.”

She listed Charlize Theron, The Rock, Nicole Kidman, Emilia Clarke and Eddie Redmayne as her dream acting partners in the business.

For young and aspiring actors, she encouraged them to “hang in there.” “Be willing to dedicate your entire life to the craft, not just a few years. Overnight success has years of dedication behind it. Also give it 100 percent if it’s really what you want to do just dive in with all of yourself. Move if you have to, quit your real job if you have to, be smart with your choices but just know you need to fully commit to it. Life’s ‘what ifs’ are the worst.”

She concluded about The Right Stuff on Disney+, “I just hope they love it. I know they will though, because it’s out of this world.”

To learn more about actress Jade Albany, follow her on Instagram.

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