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Interview: Radio stars Bryan Blue and Jamie Knight (Includes interview)

Broadcasting out of Ft. Worth, Texas each Saturday, The Bryan Blue Show is a syndicated radio show which is heard online and on over 30 stations around the US. The team will soon broadcast five mornings week, while allowing shows to be available for immediate download through a special app.

The Bryan Blue Show regularly addresses the social, political and entertainment-related issues of the day, with help from special guests and celebrities. At the heart of the proceedings is Bryan Blue with his conservative opinions and co-host Jamie Knight, who brings a liberal voice to their platform.

Despite coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum, the pair – who have known each other for about seven years – have a certain on-air chemistry and a great deal of mutual respect for one another. I put a few questions to them.

How are you both? What have you been doing recently?

BRYAN: “We’ve been great, thank you. We’re putting a lot of time and energy into starting our virtual radio station that is going to be the platform for our daily show. We’re going five days a week and it will also be syndicated on AM and FM radio.

“We’re building an app where folks will be able to stream the morning show live. It will be five days a week, from 7am to 9am. Lots of moving parts, but we’re having a great time building this and life is good!”

JAMIE: “We’re also spending the rest of our work time building up our digital branding firm. Developing products and networking with business owners because we want to be doing 21st century radio.

“We know that digital marketing is where a lot of businesses need to put their money, instead of only traditional terrestrial radio ads, and with my marketing background and Bryan’s business acumen, it seems like everything is coming together rather serendipitously.”

Bryan Blue

Bryan Blue
Barry Wayne

With people of opposing opinions so often at loggerheads, how do the two of you manage to keep things cordial?

BRYAN: “I wouldn’t say we always keep it cordial! We pretty much tell it like it is to everyone we talk to, so I can’t really tell you why or how because it’s just who we are.

“There are times when we get upset with each other – even on air, but the truth is that we’re talking about real things that affect real people’s lives. We’ve learned to listen to each other and we always end the shows with a smile and a hug.”

JAMIE: “Yes, I have totally envisioned strangling Bryan during a show and I know that feeling is mutual, but every single time we reconcile those differences and have built our foundation on mutual respect. We learn from each other and from our guests and for me that’s the main thing: knowledge and respect.”

What topics have you be discussing on the show recently?

JAMIE: “Ugh, it’s Trump Trump Trump!

BRYAN: “Yes, a lot of Trump of course. It’s been a crazy election year what with the new president, whom I supported and Jamie didn’t – but we’ve had a lot of news to discuss.

“Our goal with the daily show is to be a companion to your daily news – where you can hear what’s going on, but we’re not reporters and we’re not experts; we’re just engaged and opinionated and want to make it entertaining.”

Why do you think the show has been so popular?

BRYAN: “I think people are tired of the same solo-type guy who rants about his beliefs. There is certainly a market for that, but with us you get multiple views, and we also like to book experts with differing opinions too.

“We’re able to have a liberal view and a conservative view – and we bring in elements of entertainment. We talk about stories and hear from everyday people and celebs and people are really connecting with it.”

Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight
Barry Wayne

What are your plans, professionally speaking, for the rest of 2017 and beyond?

BRYAN: “We plan to really ramp up the show and build a heck of a big audience. We’re also working on the backend business. We’ve been getting really into video marketing for our business partners and have the digital branding firm and within that company, we do the show and we tie it all together.

“There is also talk of a reality TV show about the whole operation; our office is pretty crazy with creative types and the sales floor and the shenanigans we get up to and the lessons we’re all learning every day about things from business and politics – and the arts and life in general – are pretty compelling.”

For more information on The Bryan Blue Show, visit the official website or Facebook page.

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