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Interview: Kristoffer Polaha talks about ‘The Shift’ and ‘A Biltmore Christmas’

Actor Kristoffer Polaha chatted about starring in the movie “The Shift” and in the holiday Hallmark film “A Biltmore Christmas.”

Kristoffer Polaha in 'The Shift'
Kristoffer Polaha in 'The Shift.' Photo Courtesy of Angel Studios
Kristoffer Polaha in 'The Shift.' Photo Courtesy of Angel Studios

Actor Kristoffer Polaha chatted about starring in the movie “The Shift” and in the holiday Hallmark film “A Biltmore Christmas.”

‘The Shift’

“The Shift” was written and directed by Brock Heasley, and it was released via Angel Studios.

Kristoffer Polaha stars as Kevin Garner, a man who embarks on a journey across worlds and dimensions to reunite with his true love Molly, who is played by Elizabeth Tabish.

“This movie was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he admitted. “Playing Kevin Garner was both extremely challenging and entirely rewarding. I enjoyed working with Elizabeth Tabish, Sean Astin, and Paras Patel.”

The narrative unfolds as a dystopian drama and sci-fi thriller, where a mysterious adversary, The Benefactor (Neal McDonough), disrupts Kevin’s reality. “Neal is a method actor who played the devil,” he said. “The director, Brock, created this beautiful world.”

“When you watch the movie, it is so fully realized that it completely transports you. I’ve seen the movie three times now,” he admitted.

“I hope people get to see ‘The Shift’ in theaters while it is still playing in theaters,” he said. “It is a cool movie to be a part of, especially spreading the message of hope and encouragement. Also, the idea of God’s love, what that feels like, and what that looks like. Go see it in a theater where it is meant to be seen, and enjoy the show.”

‘A Biltmore Christmas’

Polaha also opened up about starring as the male lead, Jack Huston, in the Hallmark rom-com “A Biltmore Christmas.”

“These two movies were filmed two days apart,” Polaha said. “Once I finished filming ‘A Biltmore Christmas,’ I started working on ‘The Shift.’ Bethany Joy Lenz and I had a blast. I am so proud of that movie too. We crushed it in the ratings.”

Polaha praised his co-stars Colton Little, Jonathan Frakes, and Annabelle Borke for “all crushed it.” “This movie had a really wonderful cast,” he said. “John Putch was an amazing director.”

“Also, the composer, who did the music for the film did a beautiful job,” he added. “It is just a really great movie. I am proud of both of those movies.”

Caleb Polaha performing live at Drom NYC
Caleb Polaha performing live at Drom NYC. Photo Credit: Markos Papadatos

Caleb Polaha’s show at Drom NYC

Most recently, his son, Caleb Polaha, played his first acoustic solo show in Manhattan at Drom NYC. He expressed how proud he is of Caleb for “crushing it” in the Big Apple. “It was wonderful to see Caleb up there doing his thing. I was so proud,” he exclaimed.

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Polaha said, “Taking a Deep Breath for the Christmas Break.” “I am just going to enjoy a little bit of time off because this was a whirlwind for me,” he said.


Regarding his definition of the word success, Polaha, “Success is being able to enjoy the freedom to create with the company of my family. Being able to share this journey with people that I love.”

Favorite mottos to live by

Polaha shared some of his favorite mottos to live by: “Pray, pray, pray,” as well as to “never give up.” “Also, see what tomorrow brings,” he concluded.

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