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Interview: Edvin Ortega from Largerthanlife talks Mulcahy’s show (Includes interview)

On playing at Mulcahy’s, he said, “Playing at Mulcahy’s feels like being home. We have done work on TV shows (Orange Is The New Black, Gotham), movies and theatre, but nothing beats the energy we get from the crowd at Mulcahy’s. We always say our fans are half the show and it Mulcahy’s they truly bring it.”

Ortega continued, “At our show you can expect over 30 boy band hits, singing, dancing, costumes, high energy and a lot of surprises. It’s always more than a performance, it really becomes an experience where we take people back in time and relive some of their favorite memories through music. This boy band celebration is a combination concert, Broadway show and all out 90s party!”

Regarding the origin of their band name, he said, “We love the song ‘Larger Than Life’ by the Backstreet Boys and a lot of our fans kept describing our shows as being a ‘Larger Than Life’ experience, so we finally decided on the name ‘Larger Than Life, The Ultimate Boyband Tribute.’”

Regarding their future plans, he said, “We are always working on building our residency at Mulcahy’s and hope to keep developing our show to make it Long Island’s number one attraction. We are also planning a national tour and a 90s themed Cruise. Aside from that we are currently in production for a film ‘Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story’ which will be released in early 2017. The soundtrack from the movie will be our original music and one of the singles called “Brand New Day” is already available on iTunes.”

Their biggest musical influences are Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and all the boy bands. “We actually got to do a show with Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees last year which was a highlight for us since we are such big fans. Our boy band influences include everything from The Backstreet Boys, N Sync, New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees, Boyz 2 Men, to The Jackson 5, Temptations, Four Seasons and the list goes on and on,”he said.

“Social Media is probably our favorite way to stay connected with fans,” he said. “We always try to respond to comments, share pictures and even take music request. We mostly use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fans can also sign up for our mailing list through Facebook, and our website or they can even text the letters ‘LTL’ to 22828 to keep up to date with all our events and get a behind the scenes look at what we do.”

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For his fans, Ortega concluded, “We have to say thank you to all of our fans for the overwhelming support. Sometimes being “something new” can be met with resistance and they have welcomed us with open arms. It’s like they been waiting for a show like this for years. They truly inspire us and keep us motivated. We feel extremely lucky for their support.”

For more information on the group, check out their official website.

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