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Interview: Darin Brooks reflects on his time on daytime TV

Actor Darin Brooks (“The Bold and The Beautiful” reflected on his time on daytime television.

Darin Brooks
Actor Darin Brooks. Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson, CBS
Actor Darin Brooks. Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson, CBS

Actor Darin Brooks (“The Bold and The Beautiful”) reflected on his time on daytime television.

Brooks is known for playing Wyatt Spencer on the popular CBS soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful,” and he also voices in Guy in the Peacock series “The Croods,” which will kick off its eighth season this November.

He expressed his gratitude to his daytime fans, shared the biggest lesson he learned during his tenure on daytime television, and he opened up about fatherhood.

‘The Bold and The Beautiful’

On his ten-year run on “The Bold and The Beautiful,” he said, “That was amazing. Time flies when you are having fun. Right? It’s a great place, and it was like a family to me. I shared some of the most magical moments being on that show.”

“It allowed me to see so many different places such as Paris and Amsterdam,” he said. “I was able to travel and create a family with everybody. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate my 10 years there. I always give thanks to Brad Bell. It has been 10 years of fun.”

“Working with Don Diamont as my on-screen dad was the best,” he exclaimed. “I love Don so much! Scott Clifton, Don and I created this family bond that we have both on-screen and off-screen. Scott and I feel like we are two more of his honorary sons. He is just a great guy, and he raised everybody right.”

Greatest lesson he learned from daytime TV

On the greatest lesson that he has ever learned from daytime television, Brooks said, “Honestly, the fans are amazing. Without them and their dedication, my career wouldn’t be what it is. I owe a lot of it to daytime. We owe everything to the fans because they keep us employed. The daytime fans are like no other.”

An Emmy award winner, Brooks noted that “Days of Our Lives” was his first job ever nearly two decades ago. “I remember being in Ivana Chubbuck’s acting class; she is so amazing, I owe everything to her too; Ivana is the best,” he exclaimed.

“I was going to acting class at night, and then during the day, I would work and practice acting and my craft there. I learned where the cameras were and where the light is, and all of those technical things. A lot of those lessons were invaluable on a primetime set because when I did ‘Blue Mountain State,’ I knew the technical aspects of it and how to save a take,” he said.

“I learned a lot of lessons and I owe at lot to daytime TV. It was invaluable training,” he acknowledged.

‘The Croods: Family Tree’ Season 8

Brooks is looking forward to the new episodes of “The Croods: Family Tree” as part of the show’s eighth season, which will be released on November 9 on Peacock.

“Even though we recorded them a while back, they air them six or seven episodes at a time so it’s great. Every couple of months, I get a whole new batch of episodes and it’s just amazing,” he said.

“That show is hilarious,” he admitted. “The writers on ‘The Croods’ are so funny. The writers are so talented, and those animated episodes are all so good. I would get on the treadmill sometimes and I would watch those episodes because they are quick and easy to binge,” he added.

Michael Yo

Brooke praised standup comedian and actor Michael Yo, who starred with him in the children’s series “Amber Brown.” “I love Michael Yo, he is the best,” Brooks said. “Michael is just incredible in standup comedy. I am so impressed by him. Michael has grown a big following in the standup community, and once I saw his live show, I was blown away. Michael was so good, I was laughing so hard, I am so proud of him. He is so funny.”


Being a husband to Kelly Kruger and a father to two young girls, he feels that fatherhood is his most important role in his life.

“I love it,” he said about fatherhood. “I learn so much every day about myself, and about them. I am so impressed with how fast they grow, and how much they learn and how much they soak it all up. It’s cool because they find their little voices, and they find their little personalities and their comedy. They are funny, funny kids. I am super blessed. I love them more than anything.”

Stage of his life

On the title of the current chapter of his life, Brooks said, “Excitement.” “I’m excited for what is around the next turn and around the bend,” he said.

“I am looking forward to the next chapter because I am ready for anything. Onward and upward,” he added.


For his dedicated soap opera fans, Brooks said, “I owe everything to the fans. I want people to enjoy themselves, and escape whatever they are going through in their personal lives. I want them to laugh, cry, or root for a hero. I love all those kinds of things.”

American track and field legend Steve Prefontaine once said: “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.” Darin Brooks embodies this inspirational quote. Brooks is a versatile actor, whose acting work is transcendent in daytime television, digital streaming platforms, and film.

To learn more about Emmy award-winning actor Darin Brooks, follow him on Instagram, and check out his IMDb page.

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