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How VersusGame is rewarding people for their passion

One of the reasons people, especially in the music and entertainment industries, shy away from following their passion is because of how hard it can be to monetize it.

John Vitti
Photo courtesy John Vitti
Photo courtesy John Vitti

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One of the reasons people, especially in the music and entertainment industries, shy away from following their passion is because of how hard it can be to monetize it. With thousands of talents in the space, it is difficult to penetrate the industry, let alone cement your place. For this reason, many gifted content creators end up unrecognized.

According to John Vitti, this was his main inspiration behind launching his incredible app, VersusGame. In his words, “I wanted to reward people for their passion/knowledge, allowing everyone to profit from their work.”

Over the last few years, the gaming industry has exploded, with many people joining the space. This has brought forth new opportunities, and many more games have been developed. However, some challenges have put some players at a disadvantage. For instance, it is difficult to get a correct prediction, let alone understand how some of these gaming apps work. As someone who has been in the industry for years, John noticed this, and he wanted to create a better system, which pushed John to join the sector.

John noted a gap in the gaming industry market that he decided to fill. He explains that while the industry has grown dramatically over the years, the prediction-based game marketplace was not fully tapped into, which motivated him to develop VersusGame.

Today, VersusGame is redefining the entertainment industry, rewarding people for their passion and knowledge. They are promoting pop culture and giving power back to the everyday player. John says he aims to encourage content creators across the globe, giving them a platform everyone can be a part of and profit from.

The app allows its users to predict the outcome of different cultural aspects and stand a chance to win big prizes if they get the correct outcome. To ensure no one feels left out, they have various topics from video games to cryptocurrency, music, and TV shows. 

John says their main focus as a team is giving everyone a platform to showcase their skills and get paid for them. Social media has become a huge part of everyday life, with most people using various platforms to get in touch with others and share trending topics. To make it more engaging and thrilling, VersusGame gives its users a chance to participate in different contests, making predictions on what they think will happen, and in the end, the winners stand a chance to win various cash prizes.

They have partnered with top celebrities in the industry, including Scooter, Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, Mark Burnett, Nas, Reid Hoffman, and Mark Pincus. This gives them an upper hand, allowing them to cement their spot in the gaming industry, with their app gaining over six million users in three years.

As they continue to grow, John Vitti says his goal is to expand their partnerships, adding more celebrity investors. They are also planning on bringing in more topics. “We aim to help creators monetize their passion and skills by discussing content on whatever is trending,” says John.

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