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How children’s book author Lauren Grabois Fischer uses social emotional learning to inform generations to come via the be books

A teacher’s personality, language and teaching style all have the profound capability of shaping such young minds.

Lauren Grabois Fischer
Courtesy Lauren Grabois Fischer / Thomas Herd
Courtesy Lauren Grabois Fischer / Thomas Herd

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Though many elementary school teachers know, not many people realize just how easily influenced and impressionable children can be. A teacher’s personality, language and teaching style all have the profound capability of shaping such young minds. As the saying goes, “Children are like clay in our hands. Like a sculptor, we can chisel and carve their personalities with our behavior.” 

With this in mind, the importance of what and how we instill values in our children is not just significant, but critical. As she was once a school teacher herself, up-and-coming children’s book author Lauren Grabois Fischer saw the impact that adults have on a child’s life both from her experience as a teacher and as a mother. Now known for a series of uplifting, yet emotionally educational books called The Be Books, Grabois Fischer is set to release her ninth book next year. But what makes her children’s books unlike any other is in how she enlists social emotional learning to help kids develop strong, informed character. 

In these modern times, now more than ever, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books are not only informative but effective in helping kids learn how to express their emotions, interact with others, and develop a well-rounded perspective on life. As an innate writer herself, she had always gravitated toward writing, whether it was journaling or storytelling, but it wouldn’t be until she was 34 years old, with a three-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter, that her husband urged her to follow her dream and self-publish her very first book.

Now known as her book, Be Who You Were Meant to Be, Grabois Fischer’s first book led her to create The Be Books series as a guide for parents and teachers to share with young children as discreet tools to help children learn life-long values. Aiming to inspire and empower these rising generations of children, the author’s social emotional learning books additionally inform kids on how to be accepting, respectful and kind to the people they encounter in life as well as themselves. 

“Through these books, I wanted to give children different ways to learn how to express kindness, positivity, and love,” Grabois Fischer says. “By empowering them and letting them know that they can make a difference in the world, regardless of their age, I hope that it facilitates a kinder world, where kids grow up to be more accepting and equipped with behavioral tools and values.” 

In such unprecedented times, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books are a salient reminder of today’s world, with subject matter that is relevant and appropriate. One of the author’s best-selling books is Every So Often a Zebra Has Spots, a book that teaches children to be accepting of those who might seem different to them, but then also helps them learn and realize that everyone is different. Challenging children with questions like, ‘What if a zebra had spots?’, ‘What if a cow gave us lemonade?’ or ‘What if a frog said “Meow?’ Grabois Fischer informs and equips children to learn and understand the world around them.

As a true advocate of following one’s dreams, no matter how late in life, Grabois Fischer’s The Be Books now remain as a beacon of hope, positively changing and shaping the lives of children all over the world, one book at a time. 

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